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R&D projects for HIV/Aids

There’s a great deal of sophistication in the way pharmaceutical companies are getting products to disadvantaged areas while addressing global health priorities. However, good practice is limited to a narrow range of products and countries, and opportunities to expand efforts are yet to be realised.

Fast-forward to FMCG trends in 2017

FMCG packaging trends

MGI’s JETvarnish 3D Evo delivers high-volume productivity with digital spot UV and hot foiling technology

Sustainability, once a novelty, has become a staple characteristic of FMCG product packaging. Beauty product packaging is no exception in driving the focus of the environmental impact of packaging into the mainstream.

Pomegranate-based Hydroquinone-free skin toning and brightening cream

Pomegranate is the smart skin brightenerHydroquinone-based lightening products still have a very strong presence in the skin care industry throughout Africa. To meet the growing demand for more hydroquinone-free formulations in even tone and brightening skin creams, Savannah Fine Chemicals is marketing Luminia GranatumPRCF. This innovative and effective active ingredient developed by Vytrus Biotech, Savannah’s principal based in Barcelona, is said to enhance radiance and skin glow.

Seppic reveals new data for Sepiwhite MSH

Ethnic skin careA study by the University of Cape Town suggests that one in three women in South Africa bleaches her skin. In Nigeria, the consumer’s mind set appears fixated on fair skin. This has resulted in the ongoing popularity of hydroquinone-based skin lightening creams. Currently the Nigerian FDA permits two percent hydroquinone in skin care formulations, yet manufacturers are known to include anything in excess of five percent.

Colour and transparency for Ethnic makeup

It is necessary to impart colour in the correct balance for different skin tones. It is also equally important to understand that people from different backgrounds have various skin care concerns, which need to be addressed. African skin contains less moisture; pore size also varies amongst races.

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