A Clere win for Johannesburg entrepreneur

31-year-old Kempton Park resident Sbusiso Mpande won a brand new Nissan NP 200 bakkie in the Clere Stock Up & Drive Off 2019 competition.

Mpande entered the competition at Yarona Cash & Carry in Crown Mines, where he was buying in bulk for his local business, but then promptly forgot all about it. Until, a couple of months later, when he received a call to say he was one of the competition finalists and was that much closer to winning a the bakkie.

Local businessman

The local businessman, who distributes various products, including Clere, to more than 20 tuck shops around Johannesburg, arrived at the IC Auto Nissan Roodepoort on a sunny Tuesday afternoon with no information, other than that he was a competition finalist.

Sbusiso Mpande drives off in his new bakkie

‘We received a phenomenal number of entries this year,’ says Clere brand manager, Su-Marie Annandale. ‘The Clere Stock Up & Drive Off competition ran from April to July this year, and the hundreds and thousands of entries is testament to the brand; the trust and love people have for it.’

Changing a life

When it was time to announce the winner Mpande’s nerves were visible. ‘I know you thought you were coming here as a finalist, but that’s not entirely true,’ Annandale said to Mpande. ‘You’re the winner of this year’s Stock Up & Drive Off competition. This brand-new Nissan NP 200 Bakkie right here; it’s all yours!’

‘Wow! This is amazing, oh my, thank you so much,’ Mpande enthused in delight as he got into the driver’s seat smiling from ear to ear. ‘This is going to change my life. My car has given me so many problems, I’ve been struggling to run my business.’

‘From now on, Clere is the only brand for me, and I’ll be telling everyone I know to only buy Clere,’ laughed Mpande. ‘It’s the best.’