A new vision for the packaging industry

SEA Vision will showcase its HarleNIR at PackExpo 2019.

The largest trade fair in North America in 2019 is ready to host over 30,000 visitors from all over the world, for all the latest on the equipment, components, materials, and services relating to the packaging industry.

Non-destructive monitoring

HarleNIR is an integrated vision system, featuring a hyperspectral camera, offering qualitative analysis of solid products combined with real-time  rejection of faulty products. HarleNIR was created to prevent commingling and to detect tablets with a different chemical composition or an incorrect concentration of the active ingredient, which would otherwise go unnoticed as they are the same shape and colour as the others around them. In the pharmaceuticals industry, the active ingredient uniformity tests which must be passed in order for a batch to be released, are usually performed on off-line samplings using laboratory equipment. Offering an alternative to conventional methods, SEA Vision has developed a system which is installed directly on the production line.  The result?  Non-destructive monitoring of 100 percent of the products, faster batch release times, and no risk of low product quality levels. HarleNIR is a revolutionary machine vision system that combines standard vision control features with a hyperspectral system working in the near-infrared spectral band to perform quantity and quality analysis. It can be used to analyse the chemical composition of solid products administered by mouth, such as capsules and tablets whether printed, moulded, coated, flat, or embossed.

Advanced algorithms

The HarleNIR system will be presented to the American market for the first time installed on a Marchesini counter – more specifically a Compact 12a monoblock unit – thereby incorporating counting and capping operations within a single device. This is possible because the SEA Vision HarleNIR system can be integrated through a   series of advanced proprietary algorithms that generate a data package for transmission to the machine on which the system is installed. To ensure frictionless data transmission, the Ethernet D-Bus communication protocol is used, which allows the ultrafast transmission (in under a millisecond) of highly complex results to the machine. This focus on system/packaging machine integration is one of SEA Vision’s strengths, as the brand is renowned not only for its expertise at developing advanced, efficient software, but also for its ability to integrate its systems into existing machinery.

The HarleNIR integrated vision system from SEA Vision

For SEA Vision, renewing its participation in Pack Expo not only means reaffirming its dedication to a key market for machine vision systems but also, and above all, confirming its status as an ideal partner for aggregation systems. From 2023 onwards, for the US market, manufacturers will be legally required to include aggregation features within serialisation systems, in order to guarantee increasingly effective traceability of pharmaceutical products. In line with this, SEA Vision provides software that can be integrated with all the solutions available on the market, offering quick and easy implementation, together with guaranteed, reliable results.

The local agent for SEA Vision is Automation Techniques.