Alsitype Pharma demos new equipment at Propak

Alsitype Pharma Technologies is a valuable partner to pharmaceutical manufacturers of all sizes, both locally and internationally. The company provides a full range of services within the scope of the pharma industry, assisting and supporting clients in meeting their business goals. At Propak 2019, Alsitype Pharma showcased a live set up of equipment ranging from a tablet press to a tablet/capsule counting line.

The CVC 1000-TS from Alsitype Pharma Technologies
CVC 300

CVC Liquid Packaging Solutions from Alsitype Pharma Technologies
CVC 2000


Live demos at Propak Africa

Visitors joined the company and its international partners on the stand for live demo sessions of various pharma equipment.

The CVC 1220, a high-speed electronic channel tablet and capsule counting machine, comes equipped with an auto dust compensation and extraction system, vibrating nozzles for high accuracy and product count verification. It fills up to 55 bottles per minute on a count of up to 60 products.

Also demoed on the stand, CVC 1000-TS has maximum speed capacity of 4 000 tablets per minute for round tablets under eight millimetres in size and 2 400 capsules per minute for capsules.

Alsitype Pharma’s CVC 300 wraparound labeller includes unique SelfSet technology, which measures labels and containers and automatically synchronises speeds of all moving parts.

Giving back through training

‘We have also used Propak Africa as a platform to share information on our training and skills development courses,’ says Goodness Onwuka, technical services manager at Alsitype Pharma.

‘There is a definite need in the market for our CHIETA accredited training, which is applicable to the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries.  Training modules are designed to meet the unique requirements of our clients.  The training includes onsite operator training on equipment and processing, while course modules include GMP, SHE, basic operator training in manufacturing, packing optimisation, validation, specialised granulation, tabletting and encapsulation.’

In addition to its compliance with CHIETA, the Chemical Industries Education & Training Authority, Alsitype Training and Development has strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers whereby the company uses the manufacturer’s facility to provide on the job training.

‘Training and skills development are an integral part of the company and our way of giving back to the community,’ Onwuka comments. ‘Depending on the module, we have well experienced staff and specialists across the industry who are able to upskill machine operators, pharmacists, maintenance staff and entry level employees in the pharmaceutical industries.’

We also offer training modules that equip individuals who are interested in starting a career in the pharmaceutical industry.