For the greater good of industry

The Aerosol Manufacturers Association (AMA) does extensive work in the areas of waste management and recycling of aerosol cans, and in terms of levelling the playing fields when it comes to metrology and compliance issues. At the 2014 Sustainable Living Fair and Exhibition, which took place in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, from 16 to 24 August, the association hosted a variety of awareness initiatives.

The AMA Family Selfie was a great success with learners, teachers and parents attending the expo taking over 100 selfies. Another area of focus was the pledge banner, which states the responsibility of citizens to protect the environment by separating waste and recycling empty aerosol can. This received hundreds of signatures. The AMA approved logo is also gaining increased traction in the industry. It is currently in the process of being re-launched, and, according to Nick Tselentis, executive director of the AMA, its meaning will provide a fresh sense of confidence to consumers when purchasing aerosol products. This is as a result of the increasing issues surrounding metrology and fill of aerosols imported from the East predominantly.

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