An affordable dry eye solution

Proving to local consumers the ACS Pharma loves customer’s eyes, not their wallets, the Johannesburg based pharmaceutical manufacturer has announced the release of its latest product range. ACS Dry Eye range of eyedrops and Softlens Solution delivers to market an affordable, unique dry eye formulation containing key ingredients to effectively treat the debilitating symptoms dry eye sufferers’ experience.

 Eye discomfort

According to ACS Pharma, thousands of people across the country experience eye discomfort and/or visual impairment resulting from dry eye disease. Complications resulting from untreated dry eye may include eye infections, damage to the surface of the eye and difficulty in performing simple day-to-day tasks.


According to ACS Pharma, dry eye high risk patients include those over 60 years old, females over the age of 45, people with auto-immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, individuals taking medications such as betablockers or antihistamines, those living in dry areas, and in particular, contact lens wearers. Contact lenses need an adequate tear film on which to ‘float’, to avoid mechanical trauma to the cornea.

Dry eye disease symptoms include:

 • Sore and red eyes

• Burning sensation

• Gritty eyes

• Dry eyes

• Tired eyes

• Light sensitivity

• Eye fatigue

• Excessive eyes watering.

 Affordable price for sufferers

Julia Vamvakos, marketing manager at ACS Pharma comments ‘Many women also develop dry eyes around menopause, or in association with other perimenopausal symptoms. By the same token, certain medications such as antihistamines, antihypertensive, diuretics and anticholinergics may reduce tear secretion.

 ‘Dry eye disease is a widespread condition that need not cost a fortune to treat effectively. We believe that our range of products including ACS Comfort Eye Drops, Comfort Plus Eye Drops and Softlens All in 1 Solution present an affordable price to help those who suffer.’

New market entrant ACS Softlens All in 1 Solution is a cost effective multi-purpose solution for soft contact lenses which keeps lenses moist for enhanced wearing comfort. ACS Dry Eye solution cleans, rinses, disinfects, lubricates and stores soft contact lenses effectively, as well as removes protein build up.

The ACS Softlens Solution competitive advantage:

 ·      Polyhexanide: A disinfectant and preservative with powerful biocidal efficacy. Keeps your lens free of germs and bacteria.

·      Poloxamer: A gentle surfactant and cleaning agent which eliminates protein, dirt and debris.

·      Hypromellose: A lubricant that forms a shield on the lens to retains moisture, prevents dryness and lubricate the lens for long-lasting eye comfort.

·      Sodium Phosphate Buffer: Keeps solution pH balanced and enhances performance of added electrolytes (potassium chloride and sodium chloride) for more natural lens wear.

The ACS Dry Eye range is available from all supporting outlets at affordable prices:

 ·      ACS Softlens all in 1 solution R106 including VAT

·      ACS Comfort Plus Eye Drops at R127 incl. VAT

·      ACS Comfort Eye Drops at R106 incl. VAT