Esse launches probiotic skin care range

Esse Plus Probiotic SerumEsse Organic Skincare has been a pioneer in producing certified organic skin and body products for the salon and spa, and retail segments for the last 10 years. The company, which is headed by eccentric cosmetic scientist, Trevor Steyn, recently achieved a world first with the launch of Esse Plus, its new probiotic anti-ageing skin care range.

A revolutionary approach

Esse has evolved rapidly over the last few years to keep pace with scientific advances in the way that skin is understood. The discoveries of the human microbiome project have revolutionised Esse’s views on skin care. According to the company, the project found that there are 10 microbes for every human cell in the human body, and as a result has reconceptualised the skin as an ecosystem that is at its healthiest when resident microbial populations are robust and diverse.

‘The majority of skin disorders can now be linked to disruptions in the skin microbiome and accelerated ageing is no exception,’ says Steyn. ‘Esse has explored new ways to optimise the health of the skin microbiome to reduce the rate at which skin ages.’

Certified organic ingredients

Esse uses a multi-dimensional slant on skin care to optimise the microbiome on the skin. This includes pH, preservation, essential fatty acid balance, and the use of the purest certified organic ingredients. With the basics in place, the formulations are suitable for the true microbiome game changers: the pre and probiotics.

In the new Esse Plus line, prebiotics are used to selectively feed beneficial microbes at the expense of potentially pathogenic ones. This is said to support a diverse and stable skin microbiome which results in improved barrier function and moisture retention.

Live probiotics and probiotic extracts actively shape the microbial populations in and on the skin. This optimises skin health and slows the ageing process, resulting in firmer, fuller skin and a strong anti-wrinkle effect.

Botanically focused brand

Exclusive to the Esse Plus line, Steyn has included Devil’s Claw in all the formulations. This is a desert plant that is harvested from the Kalahari in Namibia. He adds: ‘It is one of the most potent inflammatory modulators in the plant kingdom, dramatically slowing the ageing process while protecting collagen and elastin, the building blocks for youthful skin.’

Kigelia, or Sausage tree extract is a familiar botanical ingredient in Esse’s existing line up, but for the Esse Plus products, Steyn and his team perfected a new extraction technique for a stronger firming effect and boosted anti-ageing.

Both these plants are wild-harvested to maximise the potency of the extracts. Steyn believes that nature offers the cosmetics industry what it needs to produce the most effective skin care products in the world.

Premium packaging with a conscious

The new line of skin care products from Esse is beautifully packaged in glass, in a true airless system. The outer glass unit houses a polypropylene bag in which the product is contained. Once the product is finished, the top can be screwed off, snapping the bag from its glass container – making all components in the pack fully recyclable.

Esse Plus is now available in all leading salons and spas nationwide, and in select health and wellness retailers. For more information on the brand and its product line up, visit

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