Natural anti-ageing solutions grow in popularity worldwide

Natural anti-ageing_products_growNatural anti-ageing solutions – purely an ephemeral marketing concept in the late 1970s, aimed at those ‘close to nature’ – has been radically transformed into a huge sector of the global marketplace. Here, a plethora of clinically tested natural technologies are now available to address almost any perceivable symptom associated with the actinic ageing of skin.

Hi-tech anti-ageing solutions continue on upward trajectory

hi tech_anti_ageing_solutions_are_here_to_stayFuelled by advances in biotechnology over the past 20 years, peptide and stem cell technologies are rapidly advancing, forming an underpinning for the development of anti-ageing skin care technologies, which can demonstrate truly potent benefits in use. From the early days of peptide technology, when Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 was launched to the skin care world as ‘the topical alternative to botulinum toxin A’ to reduce the appearance of expression wrinkles, this technology has grown exponentially and there are now peptides available to address every conceivable symptom of premature skin ageing.

Agelessness: a global preoccupation

Agelessness: Natural yet efficient, visible, instant and long-lasting anti-ageing solutions are the order of the day. More consumers are straying away from invasive, chemical solutions like BotoxMore than just in facial treatments and infiltrating colour cosmetics and hair care, anti-ageing continues to be the main driver of growth for the entire global personal care industry.

Dermo-cosmetics market poised for growth

Dermo cosmetics_sector_poised_for_growthThe category of dermo-cosmetics is one with arguably the most potential for future growth in the anti-ageing skin care sector, but it is fraught with difficulties from a regulatory perspective, as it lies firmly on the boundary between cosmetics and medical treatments.

New olive extract

Cobiosa is_harnessing_the_olive_trees_longevity_with_the_launch_of_Cobiolive_20_a_natural_liquid_olive_extractAn iconic symbol of Mediterranean culture, the olive tree can live for thousands of years, with some of the oldest recorded trees living up to 3 000 years. This is mainly due to the tree’s content of potent antioxidant compounds.

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