Innovative actives

Radianskin can_be_used_in_lightening_products_and_aged_hand_and_skin_creamsAt in-cosmetics Hamburg, BASF Care Creations launched three new and innovative anti-ageing actives, Radianskin, Perlaura and SlimExcess. Radianskin is an anti-age spot active ingredient developed in response to the need for even, unified and radiant skin complexion.

Resveratrol alternative

Symrise-CS-Cosmetics-2011-Proven-to-prevent-long-term-skin-damage scale_xxlAs consumers become more and more sophisticated in their knowledge on skin care, their demands increase for visible, instant, long-lasting – though non-invasive – natural yet efficient anti-ageing solutions.

Silab regulates ‘inflammaging’ with new ingredient launch


Silab standLaunched at in-cosmetics 2014, Silab is presenting Unflamagyl, an anti-ageing active ingredient that controls communication between senescent cells and their environment.

Dermal remodelling

Natural yet efficient, visible, instant and long-lasting anti-ageing solutions are the order of the day. More consumers are straying away from invasive, chemical solutions like BotoxEveryone wants healthy-looking skin, which, according to Millchem, is a result of a complex equilibrium of thousands of processes that protect, repair and respond to environmental exposure.

New claims and product developments in anti-ageing

seacreationBabor claims the ocean is home to incredible ‘miracles’, which the cosmetics house brings to consumers via SeaCreation, its new luxury skincare range. The active ‘sea-intelligent complex’ found in the range contains extracts of two micro-organisms – glycocéane GP3 and Babor thermophilus – as well as an exclusive extract of green caviar algae.

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