Pomegranate, a super fruit against ageing skin cells

Probeltebio has developed a natural concentrate derived from pomegranates called PomanoxCellular ageing is one of the many inevitable consequences that time plays on human beings.

As age increases, the body’s metabolism reacts by slowing down certain processes and accelerating others. Among the most visible signs of the passage of time on the human body, skin ageing, has been a source of constant struggle.

Over the years, there have been a myriad of techniques aimed at stopping those feared wrinkles and age spots on the dermis. Cosmetics and the use of certain aggressive techniques have wide acceptance worldwide.

Turning back the clock

Cosmetix takes a natural approach to anti-ageing with the Skin Science range  which uses apple stem cellsThe ongoing search for the fountain of youth has yielded solutions from oils to surgery. Here we showcase a few of the many non-surgical options and what assists them in achieving the claims they make.

Skin Science

Cosmetix has taken a natural approach to anti-ageing with the revolutionary Skin Science range, which uses apple stem cells (PhytoCellTecMalusDomestica) to repair damaged skin cells, prevent the ageing process and delay preliminary ageing.

Finding a sensual solution


SenSolA revolutionary skincare line brings South African women the ultimate ‘plastic surgery in a bottle’ solution – and the chance to get doctor’s office results without having to go under the knife.

Sensual Solutions is the brainchild of Dr Robert Rey, renowned Hollywood plastic surgeon and Harvard Medical School graduate, who has conducted extensive academic research in both cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. He is the recipient of numerous scientific honours, including the Southeastern Society of Plastic Surgeons Resident’s Award and the American Association of Clinical Anatomist Student Award for original anatomy and biomechanics research.

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