Rotate away signs of ageing with Avon’s new night cream

A pack shot of Avon’s ANEW Reversalist Infinite Effects Night Treatment Cream
Have you ever noticed your hair looks better when you switch between two different shampoos? Or that your body burns calories faster when you alternate short periods of intense anaerobic exercise? Now imagine what this rotation concept could do for your skin.

Avon has the answer with ANEW Reversalist Infinite Effects Night Treatment Cream, one of the first-ever rotational night cream formulations that continues to improve the signs of ageing month after month.

‘Avon has a history of disruptive innovation and was the first to market with stabilised retinol and AHAs in the mass market category. ANEW Reversalist Infinite Effects Night Treatment Cream represents the next game-changing innovation from Avon which boasts anti-ageing results that intensify month after month and do not slow down. The results of this product have been proven in a 12-month clinical study,’ says Anthony Gonzalez, ANEW’s global director of R&D.

Invested in R&D

The key to the night cream’s long-term efficacy is a proprietary rotational technology that combines a Phyto+ Complex with a SuperRetinol Complex. Backed by a year-long clinical study, Avon’s ground-breaking anti-ageing dual-system, which forms part of the award-winning ANEW Range, offers results that keep on improving, up to a full year. It took over three years in development to perfect the product. Thereafter, clinical trials followed suit for a full year. A total of 116 women took part in these trials with significant results.

How does it work?

Consisting of two formulas, you first apply Treatment Cream 1 for seven nights before switching to Treatment Cream 2 for the next seven nights. By switching back and forth between these two creams every week, the skin gains the superior benefits of the anti-ageing SuperRetinol Complex. It’s the continuation of the rotational technology that helps provide ongoing results.

Formula 1, or the prep phase, is based on the Phyto+ Complex of phytol, a plant derived anti-ageing active ingredient, and high levels of humectant. These powerful ingredients work together to prep, replenish and moisturise the skin. They also prepare it to receive the SuperRetinol Complex in phase two.

Formula 2, or the treatment phase, introduces skin to the SuperRetinol Complex, which helps reduce the signs of ageing and boost collagen levels. This innovative formulation of retinol and sodium hyaluronate has the ability to dramatically improve skin’s tone and clarity while reducing fine line, wrinkles and dark spots.

The amazing results h3

For some time, pure retinol has been considered the best topical treatment for wrinkles. However, Avon’s scientists found the treatment with phytol followed by retinol resulted in 100 percent more collagen than retinol alone, based on in vitro results. Other astonishing results show an improvement of up 25 percent in crow’s feet after four weeks, a reduction in dark spots of up to 33 percent after six months and skin clarity improved by up to 27 percent after one year.

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