Azelis explores urban impact on hair and skin

Azelis-exhibition-stand-in-cosmeticsAzelis is showcasing a range of urban-ready formulations at in-cosmetics Global, taking place in London from 4 to 6 April. Visitors to the show can view Azelis’ key technological advancements, which are effective at addressing consumers’ needs.

According to Dr Holger Seidel, Azelis’ personal care senior technical development manager for EMEA, the formulations are directly aligned with market needs. They include an overnight skin rescue, sparkle time, marine power mask, angry beard anti-pollution, city defence oleopearls lotion, healthy look after urban stress and a purifying charcoal shower gel.

Focused on the metropolitan marketplace

Tony Craske, Azelis’ market segment director for personal care, explains: ‘Mintel research data shows that 7.4 percent of all facial skin care launches in Asia Pacific incorporate an anti-pollution claim, with 6.4 percent in Europe. Nearly 4 000 beauty care product launches globally between 2009 and 2013 included the word “pollution” in their description. This progression demonstrates the substantial opportunity to develop personal care solutions for the metropolitan marketplace.’

Driven by a dedicated personal care team of over 170 specialists in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and North Africa, Azelis brings to the market outstanding formulation and regulatory advice. ‘The high technical level of Azelis’ regional teams and excellence in customer service gives us full confidence in supporting our customers with their next urban-ready formulation that will tackle this global phenomena,’ he adds.

Facing up to the reality of pollution

At stand N20, visitors can learn more about the impact urban living has on hair and skin and experience the urban-ready formulations that ‘wash away environmental pollutant particles from the skin’, and ‘inhibit the adhesion of particulate pollution to the hair shaft’.

The company’s key pollution protection functionality includes:

  • combating skin irritants
  • targeting receptors to limit and prevent inflammation
  • reducing protein oxidation mechanisms and protecting skin cells
  • daily defense products that deliver skin renewal
  • nourishing and hydration benefits, which also play an important role in urban lifestyles.

New branding for an award winning company

Azelis is a leading global speciality chemicals distributor, providing a diverse range of innovative products and services. The company has formulation and application labs located worldwide, and is growing its presence in Africa with a newly established office in Abijan, Ivory Coast.

The company introduced its new branding at in-cosmetics Global which symbolises a focus on ‘connecting the dots’ and how it understands and brings together innovative ideas, complementary ingredients and global personal care trends to create award winning formulations. This year, it won an Innovation Award at the PCHi expo for the third consecutive year, and a Gold Formulation Award at Cosmetagora. 

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