Candi&Co. presents 2019 Hair Trend Report, #Candiland

Inspired by the bold hair trends from local and global music festivals such as Coachella, Rocking the Daisies, Burning Man and AfroPunk, #Candiland, the 2019 Candi&Co. Hair Trend Report has been launched just in time to add colour and fun to winter.

A screen shot of the CandiLand Trend Report by Candi&Co.‘We’re thrilled about the prospect to present this year’s hair trends, which are quite funky, playful, bold and really girly at the same time. We worked with a reputable and credible list of talented people in the hair and beauty industry to compile this report, which we know will give us sure hits our clients will love this season,’ says Candice Thurston, founder and chief executive of Candi&Co.

Thurston says Candi&Co. is about de-racialising, destigmatising and revolutionising the notions of hair and beauty. ‘We want to give our CIS and gender non-confirming clients the strength and confidence they need to feel beautiful. A great hairstyle can make you feel 10 times more beautiful,’ she adds.

Trendsetting influencers

The #CandiLand Trend Report by Candi&Co. aims to celebrate women and provide them with an opportunity to celebrate their hair and beauty in a way that is authentic.

Leading female hip hop artist, Nadia Nakai features as guest editor of #Candiland. As part of the editorial team, she selected a stunning collection of custom-made wigs, which feature beaded braids and exquisite colourful styles, truly representative of her vibrant personality.

Beautiful and trendsetting influencers also feature in the 2019 trend report. They are Lulama Wolf, Tumi Mohale, Jena Dover, Danni Bowler, Crystal Kasper, Kgosi ‘Krayzik’ Modisane and Stella Nhantumbo.

The #Candiland Trend Report, in association with Batiste, is a digital publication featuring the hottest and latest in hair trends for 2019. It also co-stars some of South Africa’s greatest influencers with the latest hair dos available from Candi&Co.

Celebrating authenticity

‘We were excited to partner with some of South Africa’s most exquisite woman and loved partnering with Batiste, the world’s number one dry shampoo brand,’ says Thurston.

This dry shampoo is suitable for all hair types including wigs and weaves and is a quick and convenient way to instantly refresh hair between washes.

Thurston adds: ‘Batiste is a brand that truly compliments the edge, innovation and fun of Candi&Co.’