keyboard_arrow_upThe Marchesini Group continues to grow
keyboard_arrow_downThe Marchesini Group continues to grow

The Marchesini Group ended the year with an increase in turnover of 12 percent compared with 2017, when the Group’s consolidated figures almost hit the 300 million Euro mark. Growth forecasts are backed by two new acquisitions, alongside an increased workforce. As a whole, the Group’s Italian production sites and foreign branches presently employ two […]

keyboard_arrow_upSabic’s new polymer resin nears commercialisation
keyboard_arrow_downSabic’s new polymer resin nears commercialisation

Sabic recently launched its new polypropylene (PP) resin product engineered to deliver enhanced properties in melt-blown fibres for nonwoven fabrics.

keyboard_arrow_upMilliken maximises the performance of plastics
keyboard_arrow_downMilliken maximises the performance of plastics

Milliken has extended its portfolio of additive technologies to improve the clarity, performance and processing of polyolefins. The company launched two new products this year. The first is a unique performance modifier for injection moulded polypropylene (PP) and impact copolymers (ICPs) while the second is a newer technology within its Hyperform HPN family of nucleating agents.

keyboard_arrow_upImperial’s Unjani reaches a major milestone in patient care
keyboard_arrow_downImperial’s Unjani reaches a major milestone in patient care

Unjani Clinics saw a record number of patients during the month of September and reached a milestone of 625 000 patient consultations since the 2012 launch of the clinics project. This reflects the enormous success of this network of nurse-owned and operated community clinics.

keyboard_arrow_upIMCD contributes to transforming the women of tomorrow, today
keyboard_arrow_downIMCD contributes to transforming the women of tomorrow, today

The TechnoGirl programme opens doors to opportunities in science and technology. Demonstrating leadership in the chemical sector, IMCD South Africa is involved in the job shadowing component, which is perceived as the most important opportunity offered by the programme.

keyboard_arrow_upBASF’s global capacity increase of Hexanediol
keyboard_arrow_downBASF’s global capacity increase of Hexanediol

BASF will increase the production capacity of 1,6-Hexanediol (HDO) at its Ludwigshafen Verbund site (Germany) by more than 50 percent. After the start-up in 2021, BASF’s global annual nameplate capacity of HDO will be more than 70 000MT per year at its production facilities in Ludwigshafen and Freeport in the US. 

keyboard_arrow_upCollagen powder production boosted with sustainable processing
keyboard_arrow_downCollagen powder production boosted with sustainable processing

Fish is not just one of the staple foods in all the world's coastal regions, its high-quality constituents – from omega 3 fatty acids to iodine – mean it is also becoming a significant component of a healthy diet worldwide. On the other hand, most of the residues are disposed of or processed into cheap animal feed, although the skins do for instance contain valuable proteins. In addition to fillet production, Vinh Hoan Corp., one of the largest pangasius exporters in Vietnam, has therefore built up its own production line for collagen powder. The powder is now used in food supplements, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. For this, NETZSCH Pumps & Systems, supplied a combination of a high-performance twin shaft macerator and a hygienic full-metal rotary lobe pump.

keyboard_arrow_upSafeguard your profits with MGSA Projects’ filling equipment
keyboard_arrow_downSafeguard your profits with MGSA Projects’ filling equipment

MGSA Consulting has changed its name to MGSA Projects. Myles Davis, director of the company says the name change follows his business partner’s decision to emigrate.

keyboard_arrow_upFrom warehouse to wellness
keyboard_arrow_downFrom warehouse to wellness

The South African healthcare industry is a large and complex system, still reflecting, within places of its design, the nation’s fragmented history. The public sector comprises 52 health districts across nine provinces managing approximately 1000 hospitals and a further 3500 health care clinics offering almost 87 000 beds. In parallel to the public system, private healthcare provides about 31 000 beds via a network of just over 200 hospitals – although this sector services only about 17 percent of the population through insurance offered by the 90 private medical schemes within the country. Beyond this network of care facilities, an endless list of retail pharmacies and medical practices create a diverse network, operating within a complex regulatory framework, sometimes challenging geographies, limited budgets and an ever-increasing number of patients.

keyboard_arrow_upEnvirocore makes a difference
keyboard_arrow_downEnvirocore makes a difference

Envirocore is passionate about sustainability, particularly when it comes to packaging. It offers a variety of composites suitable for the pharma and cosmetics industries. Its tissue composite is perfect for consumers owing to its recyclability and shelf-appeal. It is also ideal as an advertising medium for pharma companies.