keyboard_arrow_upEnviron named 2019 New Product Competition winner
keyboard_arrow_downEnviron named 2019 New Product Competition winner

On 10 October, Environ was crowned the winner of the 2019 Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review/Symrise New Product Competition. This trusted local skin care brand with a strong history of innovation, won the overall winner award for its Focus Care Radiance+ Range. The New Product Competition judges said Environ’s Focus Care Radiance+ range addresses the hot […]

keyboard_arrow_upNimue’s innovations deliver visible results
keyboard_arrow_downNimue’s innovations deliver visible results

Nimue is renowned for its expert understanding of the skin and the effective treatment of various skin conditions. As a leader in scientific skin care, Nimue Skin Technology (Nimue) promises to deliver transformative results for a variety of skin types. After an extended period of intense R&D, Nimue has launched a wide range of new […]

keyboard_arrow_upOptiphi continues to innovate in skin care
keyboard_arrow_downOptiphi continues to innovate in skin care

Optiphi, the winner of the 2018 P&C Review/Symrise New Product Competition, is back to defend its title with three entries in the 2019 competition. The South African professional skin care brand has entered two individual products and one range. Formulated with a multi-faceted approach, the Body Curve Sculpting Repair targets sun damage and ageing on […]

keyboard_arrow_upGR8 Skincare’s face and earth friendly products
keyboard_arrow_downGR8 Skincare’s face and earth friendly products

GR8 Skincare was founded by Dr Janine Ellenberger, a South African medical doctor with more than 15 years’ experience in skin care and cosmetics. She launched the brand for her own teenagers, to give them gentle yet effective skin care products that would address their acne and keep their skin healthy. Finding nothing on the […]

keyboard_arrow_upNew Excellence quartet from Placecol
keyboard_arrow_downNew Excellence quartet from Placecol

The professionals at Placecol are as invested in their customers’ satisfaction as they are in creating award-winning products that improve the skin’s condition. In June the brand launched the Placecol Excellence skin care range, to treat clients’ most pressing skin concerns. The four products in the range contain Sunflower Oil, an anti-oxidant rich in Vitamin […]

keyboard_arrow_upNatralogic, a South African maternity skin care range
keyboard_arrow_downNatralogic, a South African maternity skin care range

Natralogic products are specially formulated for use during pregnancy. According to Lauren Lamont, owner and founder of the brand, the range of products is free of toxins and ingredients, which could be considered harmful and contain only safe and high quality certified organic and natural ingredients. The all maternity skin care range has been entered […]

keyboard_arrow_upMale grooming and natural skin care products from Rain Africa
keyboard_arrow_downMale grooming and natural skin care products from Rain Africa

Rain Africa creates luxury handmade bath and body products using natural ingredients with African botanical actives. Its products are responsibly handmade with love and care for its customers, craftspeople and the environment. The proudly South African brand has diversified into the premium skin care and male grooming categories with a new natural skin care range […]

keyboard_arrow_upUso – scientifically formulated for African skin
keyboard_arrow_downUso – scientifically formulated for African skin

Uso by African Dermal Science, a proudly South African anti-ageing skin care brand, hit the market in 2018. The products are specifically formulated for Africans and the African climate. The brand name was inspired by the Zulu word Ubuso, which means a celebration of who we are as Africans. Dr Theo Mothoa-Frendo, a black female […]

keyboard_arrow_upSoyLites gets novel with aroma butter bars
keyboard_arrow_downSoyLites gets novel with aroma butter bars

After years of requests from customers, SoyLites has re-launched its innovative and handy moisturising product, the aroma butter bar. This product is a solid, dry lotion bar made with botanical oils. The bar is created to be a novel and versatile hand and body moisturising product. With a unique combination of unrefined coco butter, shea […]

keyboard_arrow_upGreat smelling body lotions from Playgirl and Playboy
keyboard_arrow_downGreat smelling body lotions from Playgirl and Playboy

Smelling great has never been this easy! Playgirl and Playboy announced the addition of body lotions earlier this year, to its two popular deodorant ranges. The body lotions are available in the most popular fragrances from the deodorant brands. The Playgirl lotions are available in Temptation, Love Is and Flirtatious. The Playboy lotion fragrances include […]