keyboard_arrow_upAdhering to high standards
keyboard_arrow_downAdhering to high standards

German company Weiss designs climate test cabinets for the stability testing of medicines in the pharmaceutical industry that easily meet international guidelines.  According to International Conference of Harmonisation (ICH), long term tests and accelerated tests must be conducted in climate test cabinets for the stability testing of medicines.

keyboard_arrow_upSafety in fragrance ingredients reassessed
keyboard_arrow_downSafety in fragrance ingredients reassessed

As part of the fragrance industry’s ongoing safety programme, the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) announced the 47th amendment to its code of practice. Its programme is founded on assessing fragrance materials and either establishing safe use levels or prohibiting their use, based on studying their potential effects on people and the environment.

keyboard_arrow_upPromoting regular hand washing
keyboard_arrow_downPromoting regular hand washing

Antibacterial soap manufacturer, Lifebuoy recently launched a campaign informing consumers about the importance of developing healthy hand hygiene habits.