keyboard_arrow_upAuthenticity colours Clariant’s ColorForward 2021 palette
keyboard_arrow_downAuthenticity colours Clariant’s ColorForward 2021 palette

There are four societal trends that will influence consumers in coming years and the colour experts at Clariant ColorWorks have identified them. ColorForward 2021, the 15th edition of the annual Clariant colour forecasting guide for the plastics industry, recognises that genuine human contact is actually becoming a luxury in the digital era, and that people […]

keyboard_arrow_upConsumer confidence down but they still intend to spend
keyboard_arrow_downConsumer confidence down but they still intend to spend

South Africa’s latest Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) for the third quarter of 2019 shows a five point decrease to 88, which presents a less positive picture of consumer sentiment in the country. Yet, South Africans do still intend to spend this festive season. Nielsen South Africa Connect MD Kerith Botha says; ‘Consumer confidence has slipped […]

keyboard_arrow_upHow to achieve affordable healthcare
keyboard_arrow_downHow to achieve affordable healthcare

While much attention is centred around making healthcare affordable, there is not enough focus on embracing appropriate health technology innovations. This is vital considering digital technologies have the potential to revolutionise how populations interact with national health services from improving its quality all the way through to coverage. According to Dr Sudesh Sivarasu, associate professor […]

keyboard_arrow_upCalculating the lifestyle costs of cancer
keyboard_arrow_downCalculating the lifestyle costs of cancer

Annually, a hundred million people globally face poverty because of healthcare expenses. Cancer treatment is especially costly, oncology drugs reaped USD 123.8 billion in sales in 2018, yet the lifestyle effects of the disease can be costly too. Individuals need to understand the additional, non-treatment related expenses and how certain policies can help cover these. […]

keyboard_arrow_upHow to reduce absenteeism in SA’s retail sector
keyboard_arrow_downHow to reduce absenteeism in SA’s retail sector

South Africa’s retail trade sector employs almost 900 000 individuals. The sector is extremely competitive, occupying some 23.4-million square metres of gross lettable area across 1959 malls traversing the country – not to mention online operations like and With a daily absenteeism average of 15 to 30 percent, big retailers of +1000 employees […]

keyboard_arrow_upDelving into the double edged demands of South African consumers
keyboard_arrow_downDelving into the double edged demands of South African consumers

The South African consumer landscape is currently fragmented and polarised, characterised by the double edged demand of the South African consumer. Some are feeling more prosperous, while others are amongst the most stretched spenders in the world. Some crave new, premium or convenience products, while others seek value for money, quality private-label goods, and prefer […]

keyboard_arrow_upNielsen reveals SA women’s enormous spending power
keyboard_arrow_downNielsen reveals SA women’s enormous spending power

The purchasing power of South Africa’s 18 million female consumers is undeniable, according to Nielsen. Given that 71 percent of them are responsible for grocery shopping, and 60 percent are the primary purchaser within South African households. This makes them a force to be reckoned with in the local retail sector. It’s clear this influence […]

keyboard_arrow_upIs influencer marketing still relevant?
keyboard_arrow_downIs influencer marketing still relevant?

AUTHOR: Sylvester Chauke, founder of DNA Brand Architects Mention the word ‘influencers’ and you are bound to receive a polarising response. Thing is, for many marketers, there has been a big question about the influencer strategy and perhaps even more of a discussion of its effectiveness in light of fake news and almost everyone becoming […]

keyboard_arrow_upThe role of gap cover in women’s healthcare
keyboard_arrow_downThe role of gap cover in women’s healthcare

Gap Cover is increasingly being recognised as a vital means of bridging the gap between what specialists charge for in-hospital procedures, and what Medical Aids are able to pay. But it’s worth noting that for women in particular, Gap Cover plays a key role in helping one manage their medical and financial affairs. Wendy Bussey […]

keyboard_arrow_upPrivate Label surges ahead with R49.3 billion in annual sales
keyboard_arrow_downPrivate Label surges ahead with R49.3 billion in annual sales

The latest research from global measurement and data analytics expert Nielsen reveals that sales of Private Label products in South Africa now equate to R49.3 billion annually and the sector commands a healthy 21.1 per cent share of the South African retail sector, up from 20 percent in 2017, and ahead of branded product growth […]