Merck brings pioneering pigment technologies to Africa

Merck-beauty-of-Asia-kitIn sub-Saharan Africa, Merck has been active since 1971, though recent developments within the global company have seen it earmarking Africa for considerable growth and expansion.

Its performance materials division spans pigments and functional materials with a strong focus on high quality solutions. ‘In terms of our pigments and functional materials, we offer unmatched batch consistency. For the cosmetics industry, our strengths lie in strong efficacy data and claim support, as well as specialist innovative products like our glass encapsulated sunscreen active in the Eusolex UV-Pearls range, which represent a new dimension in UV protection,’ comments Karen Maier, sales and marketing manager for performance materials.

A beautiful approach

Driven by a passion for new ideas, Merck’s performance materials division is also known to develop speciality chemicals for particularly demanding applications. The company is the largest effects supplier worldwide and is regarded as a major innovator in this area of business.

Its application kits for the cosmetics industry are particularly innovative, catching the attention of customers by showcasing pigments, functional fillers, actives and other unique ingredients in cosmetics applications.

‘We launched the Beauty of Asia kit during the first half of 2015 and it’s been a major hit,’ explains Maier. ‘Our beauty kits give customers new ideas for using our products. This is because Merck always includes surprising applications such as a red eye shadow for intense impact or a copper liquid eyeliner for a mystical look and feel. Through this targeted and interactive approach, delivered during workshops and customer days, formulators are able to experience the benefits and true value of Merck’s personal care and cosmetics ingredients. We also offer assistance with colour matching and colour combinations, while our high-quality pigments ensure batch to batch consistency.’ 

Formulation enhancement tools 

The company’s decorative pigments can enhance a formulation in many ways. They provide an on-skin sparkle or improve the aesthetic appeal of a cream for example. These pigments are also ideal for use with claims associated with radiance, brilliance, luminosity, and glow, transforming an ordinary emulsion into a targeted night or day cream. 

Merck also offers functional pigments, which act as skin correctors or enhancers. They also provide improved product efficiency like enhancing the slip of an eye shadow. Furthermore, its skin tone correcting pigments are very interesting: to correct yellow undertones, Merck’s blue pigment is ideal; its gold pigment can be used to enhance dull skin tones; and to achieve a peachy glow, its red pigment is most suitable.

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