Covestro showcases film formers at in-cosmetics

A man holding a surfboard for Covestro’s sun care campaignCovestro will be showcasing innovative beauty solutions based on polyurethane raw materials of the Baycusan brand at in-cosmetics Global, taking place in London from 4 to 6 April.

Both innovative and versatile, these film formers have proven effective in numerous cosmetics applications, ranging from skin, hair and sun care products to decorative cosmetics.

‘This year, our exhibition focuses on the skin care needs of mature skin and an extra-waterproof sun care,’ says Dr Jane Sum, who recently took over management of the cosmetics segment at Covestro. ‘Mature skin puts special demands on daily skin care, which includes the need for durable and compatible sun protection.’

Gentle daily care

In the area of mature skin care, Covestro has gathered new findings and developed new formulations proven to have a skin firming effect. The effect is a result of Baycusan C 1004, which acts like an invisible barrier against environmental influences. At PCHi in Guangzhou, China, Covestro’s cosmetics expert, Xiaohui Xiong recently won an innovation award for Baycusan C 1004.

Minor wrinkles are typical of mature skin. They can be unflattering, particularly when there is strong contrast between lighter and darker areas. Covestro, which is represented in South Africa by Savannah Fine Chemicals, has developed formulations with a smoothing effect which hide wrinkles using its a polyurea powder, Baycusan C 1005.

Skin compatible sun protection

Covestro has developed high quality formulations based on its raw material Baycusan C 1000 to protect sensitive skin.

Larger amounts of UV absorbers used in a formulation for sun protection can cause skin and eye irritation. The company has recently shown that the film former Baycusan C 1000 reduces the migration of UV absorbers to the skin surface, thus avoiding eye irritation.

Cosmetics can even contain lower amounts of UV absorbers and still offer sufficient protection against moderate solar radiation by means of SPF boosting. Thanks to the excellent stabilisation of Baycusan C 1000, less emulsifiers can be used in a formulation. This also reduces the risk of skin allergies.

Protected fun in the water

Effective sun protection is a must yet sunscreens often wash off after the first swim and need to be reapplied. Covestro offers a solution to this problem with its extra waterproof formulations, using Baycusan C 1004. These formulations promise to retain at least 50 percent of their sun protection factor for more than one hour with repeated exposure to water.

Sun protection products with Baycusan C 1004 are easy to apply and absorb quickly. They are also resistant to sweat. Because the skin is not sticky, sand does not adhere to it and children don’t complain about that unpleasant, tacky feeling.

Longer lasting semi-permanent hair colour

A man holding a surfboard for Covestro’s sun care campaignCovestro is presenting a new Baycusan C 1008 application at in-cosmetics Global, which supports semi-permanent hair colouring. The film former enables unique and intensive colour coverage, with colour lasting for at least two shampoos without losing its vibrancy.

The multi-talented raw material Baycusan C 1008 lends hair care products a triple advantage by protecting, repairing and styling hair. It forms a micro-thin film around each individual strand that protects hair against humidity. It is therefore very effective in controlling and preventing frizz. At the same time, the polymer protects hair against the effects of heat styling.

Its sister product, Baycusan C 1010 is characterised by its strong hold capability. In testing, Covestro could also show that it protects the hair fibre against particulates. Both products offer triple protection against heat, humidity and environmental influences.

Next generation nail polish

The need for environmentally compatible solutions is growing in the nail polish category. In response to this, Covestro is introducing film formers for low-odour, waterborne nail polishes at the trade fair in London. Visit stand M20 to find out more about these launches from Covestro. 

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