Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review January 2020

Discover natural, sustainable and speciality ingredients in the January edition of P&C Review. We also showcase new, locally produced packaging solutions, scientific equipment for laboratories and the latest trends in colour cosmetics.

PC Africa Q4 2019

Discover new ingredients and formulation technologies for Ethnic market, in this edition of P&C Africa. We also look at the growth of personal care ingredients suppliers on the African continent, specialist solutions for quality health supplements and complementary medicines, and home care technologies that put the environment first.

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review November/ December 2019

Discover new beauty breakthroughs with P&C Review as we delve into ingredient and formulation innovation in our November/December edition. You can also read about how fragrances are used to differentiate brands in a competitive marketplace and proven solutions to maintain safety and hygiene standards in manufacturing environments.

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review October 2019

The October edition of P&C Review is focused on local manufacturing, with our pharma focus celebrating all things made in SA. A vast amount of new research, trends and product innovations are highlighted in the skin and face care feature, such as cannabis flower essential oil and a new complex based on probiotic technology. We […]

PC Africa Q3 2019

Consumer spending on cosmetics and personal care products is growing in Africa, and the natural skin care market is taking shape. This motivates the suppliers of ingredients to create innovative and relevant technologies to use in skin care formulations. This edition of P&C Africa tracks the latest ingredients, fragrance offerings, packaging machinery and lab equipment […]

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review September 2019

The story of Bio-Oil is a remarkable one, and it’s featured in this edition of P&C Review. In this magazine, we take you into the world class South African facility where Bio-Oil is manufactured and talk to the people who turned the product into an iconic skin care brand. You can also read about new […]

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review August 2019

Scalp care is one of the biggest trends defining hair care innovations in 2019. Scalp specific hair care products are being designed with a crossover from skin to hair care in mind. In this edition of P&C Review, we look at new ingredients and formulation technologies to treat and care for the scalp, enabling healthier, […]

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review July 2019

Transparency in key when it comes to ingredients and raw materials, particularly for beauty and health and wellness brands. Consumers want to know that what they put on their skin and hair and in their bodies is both safe and effective. We’ve rounded up the latest in traceable clean preservative ingredients for all your product […]

PC Africa Q2 June 2019

This edition of P&C Africa explores beauty innovations and personal care ingredients ideally suited to the African market. We also look at cost-effective inspection, coding and marking solutions and, in our pharma focus, how logistics companies are improving the market for imports and exports.

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review June 2019

Sustainability, traceability and natural and organic demands are having a huge impact on the personal care industry. In this edition of P&C Review, we explore sustainable, natural and ethically sourced ingredients; security features for packaging; developments in the aerosol industry and the trends in technology in the pharma industry.