DSM stirs emotions with the magic of science

An image of London Bridge representing DSM’s beauty care campaignDSM, a leading supplier of ingredients and innovative solutions for beauty care products, will be presenting its commitment to sustainability at in-cosmetics Global, and demonstrating how its bright science enables customers to create magical products with an emotional appeal.

Wilfrid Gambade, president of DSM personal care, comments: ‘Thanks to the sustained endeavours of our innovation, sales and marketing teams, we achieved our greatest ever results in 2016 and are continuing to deliver on the strategic promises we made back in 2015. It is therefore with great pride that we’ll be showcasing our latest innovative launches, sensory advances and sustainability successes at in-cosmetics, the world’s biggest personal care trade show. Through our interactive activities, we hope to demonstrate that – perhaps surprisingly – science and emotion are not worlds apart.’

DSM’s personal care division is represented throughout South Africa by Chempure.

Hair, skin and sun care 

Visit stand K40 to meet the DSM team and find out how the company’s latest innovations in sun, skin and hair care help keep consumers safe: out in the sunshine, experimenting with new hairstyles, or just chilling in front of a screen.

DSM’s heritage PARSOL brand is set to expand. The company is heading off into the blue by extending its broad-spectrum UV protection into the blue light. DSM will not only supply two new UV filters for maximum broad-shield protection, but also support customers with a novel conceptual proposal for holistic blue light protection.

Last year DSM issued a challenge to consumers, daring them to change their hair. It evidently touched a nerve, as DSM consumer insight research confirmed both around the world and with new data from Brazil. Feedback showed that a large majority of women would like to be more adventurous with their hair. It also revealed they are looking for novel products, testers and samples to provide an impulse to get creative.

So this year DSM is backing its challenge with more concepts, formulations and versatile yet reliable ingredients from its Tilamar hair care and styling product range, which puts the fun back into experimenting, and empowers women to express themselves freely.

DSM’s Pepha-Age is a sustainably sourced and produced extract of freshwater microalgae Scenedesmus rubescens (green algae), which has high resistance to sunlight. The extract is produced in state-of-the art photo-bioreactors using a biotech process, and contains a unique mixture of amino acids, vitamins (B3), lutein, algal sugars and minerals (zinc).

In-vitro tests with Pepha-Age showed it stimulates the skin’s own resilience through improved fibroblast viability and regeneration after UV and blue light stress, and increased total collagen levels. Ex-vivo studies confirmed the collagen increase and revealed a reduced number of sunburn cells after exposure to UVB radiation.

Pepha-Age helps limit epidermal damage caused by exposure to sunlight and to the blue light, in particular, minimising signs of photo-aging and restoring skin’s radiance.

Join in DSM’s activities at in-cosmetics:

  • boost your make-up with DSM at the Makeup Bar
  • Meet DSM live on stage in the Formulation Lab from 11h15 to 12h15 on 5 April
  • Experience new sensations in sun protection at the Sensory Bar
  • Discover the world of fair trade in alpine bioactives in the Sustainability Corner, on 4 April at 15h00
  • Visit the Sustainability Pod to learn more about DSM’s commitment to sustainability in vitamin production

Join the team at the DSM Happy Hour on Tuesday, 4 April and Wednesday, 5 April from 16h00 to 18h00 for music, drinks, food, fun and the famous tombola.

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