MGSA Consulting’s streamlined packs at the click of your fingers

Easysnap is now available in South AfricaMarketable to a wide target market, the patented one-hand opening and dispensing technology, Easysnap is now available in South Africa. This single serving packaging is designed for liquid and semi-liquid products.

Easysnap opens up and dispenses a product by means of folding the pack in half. The patented incision on the bottom film, previously mechanically made, progressively breaks a barrier, which allows the product to flow out in a controlled manner. The bottom film is unbreakable unless it is folded over a 90° angle. There is no product contamination during opening or distribution. This technology can replace conventional containers, which include small bottles and tubes with contents ranging from one to 30mℓ.

‘There are many advantages in terms of flexibility and production costs for units. Easysnap has been drop tested to handle weights up to 400g. It is also ideally suited to being used by geriatrics,’ says Myles Davis, director of MGSA Consulting.

The company is currently the sole supplier of this technology in southern Africa.

These units are manufactured by automatic machinery designed and developed by Easysnap Technology, a company based in Italy, with exclusive rights in the production of these packs.

Functionality and design

The Easysnap opening solution is simplified by its:

  • equitable use, accessible to users and provides diverse abilities
  • flexible in use, fitting a wide range of individual needs to dispense, drop dispense or consumed orally directly from the pack
  • simple and intuitive use, eliminating unnecessary complexity as it opens with a natural gesture
  • perceptible information owing to the semi-rigid structure of the pack and tactile difference between the top and bottom, which effectively communicates how it should be used, even in the absence of information
  • tolerance for error, minimising hazards and adverse consequences of accidental actions. This is because the pack will not open unless intentionally folded.

Tailored to suitability

The entire surface of the packaging, both front and back, can be customised with a company’s visual identity or communications. Marketing goals or distribution channels can be included on packs. It comprises a completely printable surface. High definition flexographic or rotogravure printing processes combined with inline printing can be implemented on either side.

How it’s made possible

The Easysnap Pulsar 351 film flow with thermal transfer print is the machine responsible for creating this unique packaging. It is patented from four to eight lanes with only one reel film size. There is a rapid conversion available for settings and filling systems. Production capacity is up to 320 units per minute. Weighing 2 800kg, the installed power of this machine amounts to 22kW. This vertical form filling sealing machine is equipped with a volumetric dosing group for liquid and semi-liquid products suitable for four different filling systems. The technology can also be set up to optimise performance according to the features of different products and market needs.

The Pulsar 351 comprises a panel PC 15-inch touchscreen.

All Easysnap facilities are third-party audited, ensuring excellence in all processes and standards.

Examples of products already packaged in these units are:

  • liquid medications
  • baby care products
  • ointments
  • toothpastes
  • body lotions
  • hand sanitizers
  • sun creams
  • moisturisers
  • mouthwashes
  • hair conditioners

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