A hair care masterclass by Ashland

David Popplewell, marketing manager for IMCD speaking at the Ashland Hair Care and Preservatives Teach-In Masterclass in JohannesburgAshland recently hosted a hair care and preservatives teach-in masterclass in Johannesburg, which was hosted by IMCD. Ashland has a huge global presence with manufacturing sites in 57 countries with strong market positions, a firm focus on innovation and insights and expertise to solve customer’s unique problems.

Ashland presented a trend forecast on hair care using information gathered by a trend anthropologist. Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and India hair care markets were analysed. Ashland has a holistic view on hair care with solutions comprising components for fibre surface, internal fibre and hair follicles, illustrating their “root to tip approach”. Ashland presented these trends with solutions from its range of ingredients:

  1. A sustainable environment: Styling and thickening in one (Aquastyle SH100) and sustainable styling (PEC3). Responding to the trend of anti-pollution, Ashland developed a sparkling clear sulphate-free low surfactant, the Crystal Clear Conditioner and 24hr Crystal Clear hair gel;
  2. Connected individualism: Double Co-wash for Ethnic hair, Dual cleansing conditioner, puff powder styler;
  3. Geo-Ethnicity: Super pearly sulphate-free shampoo, Intensity Nourishing hair durability leave -on combing cream and Hair Pudding;
  4. .An ageing world: Conditioning spray milk, hair pudding, Strengthen It! hair and scalp cream;
  5. A healthy head: Forever Long Lasting Conditioning and sulphate-free anti-dandruff shampoo.

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