SAPICS regional conferences to feature stellar speaker line-up

A photograph of Tanya Kabalin, founder of Olakira and a former MD of Shell SASAPICS, a professional knowledge-based association for the supply chain community across Africa, will be hosting its regional conferences in September. These compact and more intimate versions of the SAPICS Annual Conference are taking place in:

Each of the regional conferences will host a stimulating speaker line-up, including Tanya Kabalin, the founder of Olakira and former MD of Shell SA.

According to Kabalin, as technology propels rapid changes in the way companies operate their supply chains, research has predicted that by 2020 as many as 83 per cent of transactions with consumers will not involve any human intervention.

Having addressed the SAPICS 2017 national conference in Cape Town last month, Kabalin said trends like these are impacting profoundly on supply chain management (SCM), but many companies still do not fully incorporate SCM into their strategic direction. Referring to the global research report Future Agenda, she said the message going forward is that economic competition in the future will not be between companies but between supply chains.

Applying lean concepts to SCM

Further insights will be gained from US-based business scientist, Keith Launchbury, who will demonstrate how to apply a lean approach across multiple enterprises running different systems.

‘Many companies today do an impressive job of applying lean concepts to their own internal processes, yet they fail to do the same across their entire supply chains,’ says Launchbury. ‘There is no question that the concepts of lean are applicable here, particularly when considering the wasted energy, material and time that are prevalent in many global supply chains.’

In his presentation, he will discuss the challenges of sharing accurate demand information in a timely fashion as well as propose strategies for establishing integrated and flexible product flow management.

Achieving professional and business success

A graphic detailing the dates and venues for the SAPICS regional conferencesMaster SCM practitioner Claire Bloom, the founder of the non-profit organisation End 68 Hours of Hunger, will present a highly interactive session on 20 foundational concepts necessary for business success.

‘Participants will leave with a new awareness and appreciation for the importance of applying these concepts in all areas of their professional life,’ says Bloom. Her non-profit organisation confronts the 68 hours of hunger experienced by some children between the free lunch they receive at school on a Friday and the free breakfast they receive at school on Monday morning. 

Speakers also include well-known author and scenario planner Clem Sunter, who will share insights into The World and South Africa Beyond 2017. Sharing the stage during the day-long event will be Christo Cronje, cash supply chain manager at Nedbank, talking about creating efficiencies in inventory and transportation of cold hard cash.

Dr Ivor Blumenthal, consultant at ArkKonsult, will also present to delegates the important and on-going steps being taken by SAPICS to professionalise SCM.

For more information or to register for any of these regional conferences, visit

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