Is the beauty industry doing enough to engage men?

Mail groomingLike most industries, the global beauty sector regularly witnesses its fair share of new, upcoming and potentially ‘faddy’ trends. While some take hold and become surprisingly popular, others come and go in a flash. Which begs the question, how can cosmetics brands separate the winners from the losers? How can marketers make sure they are on top of the emerging trends before they arise?

The Marketing Trends Sessions at in-cosmetics Global provide a unique opportunity for beauty and personal care professionals to find out about the genuine current and future trends sweeping the industry. Through more than 100 hours of free-to-attend sessions, delivered by some of leading thinkers in the business, brands and manufacturers can find out what’s hot and what’s not in 2018 and beyond.

Male grooming in the spotlight

Once considered to be a niche corner of the beauty industry, according to Euromonitor International, the global market for male grooming products is expected to reach $60.7bn by 2020. It is a flourishing category that presents a huge opportunity to beauty brands and it will form a key part of this year’s in-cosmetics Global Marketing Trends presentations.

One of the critical questions on the agenda will be how far the sector can go? Is makeup for men really on the cusp of going mainstream as L’Oreal’s Vismay Sharma predicts, have we already moved on beyond ‘manscara’ and ‘brotox’ or are these assumptions a step too far for this once naturally shy industry? In her Marketing Trends presentation at in-cosmetics Global, Louise Barfield, head of marketing at Two by Two, will examine what behaviours and attitudes underpin the emerging trends in male grooming and how the beauty industry can develop more compelling and relevant strategies for male consumers of all ages.

Examining children’s toiletries

Delving into another previously limited area of the cosmetics industry will be Madelyn Postman, director and co-owner of Grain Creative, with a session on children’s toiletry brands. With the rise in birth rates, upsurge in number of working mothers, increase in hygiene care for babies and surge in demand for premium baby products, it is expected that this area of the industry will enter into a period of growth in 2018 – according to The Baby Toiletries Market - Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2014-2022 report.

But what are the real opportunities in this previously fragile industry? Madelyn’s presentation will examine brand opportunities, trends and pitfalls in baby, toddler and children’s toiletries, looking in particular at the current landscape, the role of organic and natural as well as case studies of what works and what doesn’t in this area.

The next beauty mega trends

With all the hype around the mass cosmetics industry, premium products and global marketing campaigns, it can be easy to forget that the beauty boom actually began with DIY concoctions – think Cleopatra, through to grandma’s homemade rose water. However, in recent years the increasing tendency towards craft, personalisation and sustainability, has pushed DIY Beauty back onto the industry map, and the concept is making a comeback. Jo Chidley, ‘flounder’ of Beauty Kitchen, will examine whether DIY beauty is still niche irrelevant tinkering or if it is set to disrupt the sector and change the beauty industry as a whole.

In addition to the rise of the smaller subsectors of the industry, the Marketing Trends Theatre will also expose some of the current mega trends dominating the beauty landscape – both now and in the future – as well as providing insights and updates from some of the biggest regional beauty markets in the world. These include:

Current and future trends:

Regional beauty market updates:

The Marketing Trends presentations deliver insights into the latest trends, facts, figures, market analysis and research intelligence in the beauty industry.

The free-to-attend sessions will take place daily from 17-19 April at the in-cosmetics Global event in Amsterdam.

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