In-cosmetics awards recipients crowned ‘the innovators’

The Evonik team celebrates receiving Gold in the Best Functional Ingredient categoryLast night, in-cosmetics Global unveiled the winners of its Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Awards 2018. The awards celebrate the most cutting-edge personal care ingredients that have been launched in the past six months.

Ingredients manufacturers, both large and small, battled it out for Gold, Silver and Bronze places across five categories:

  1. Best Active Ingredient
  2. Best Functional Ingredient
  3. Green Ingredient
  4. Make Up Bar Award
  5. Sensory Award.

Judged by some of the industry’s leading experts, the awards are highly respected around the world and demonstrate the fantastic innovation on display at the show.

This year’s winners

Best Active Ingredient

Gold: Mibelle Biochemistry – MossCellTec No. 1 – available in SA from Carst & Walker

Silver: RAHN – SEBOCLEAR-MP – available in SA from Siyeza Fine Chemicals

Bronze: SILAB – ECOBIOTYS – available in SA from Meganede

The Vantage Innovation Zone showcase of Desert Milk at in-cosmeticsBest Functional Ingredient

Gold: Evonik Nutrition & Care – RHEANCE Glycolipids


Bronze: Vantage Specialty Ingredients – Desert Milk

Green Ingredient

Gold: Lessonia – Fucoreverse

Silver: IFF Lucas Meyer Cosmetics – Bio ForeXtra, Borealine Expert – available in SA from Unicare Ingredients

Bronze: DKSH – Marine Bamboo TG

Sensory Bar Award

Gold: Elementis – RHEOLUXE Rheology – Come Play With Us – available in SA from Carst & Walker

Silver: Givaudan – The Sensory Fusion

Bronze: IFF Lucas Meyer Cosmetics – SOS: Solutions Offering Sensoriality – available in SA from Unicare Ingredients

Make Up Bar Award

Gold: Cosmetic Bioglitter Pure – Ronald Britton

Silver: NAGASE Personal Care - Long Lasting Matte Concealer

Bronze: Inspired by Naturality – MIYOSHI EUROPE

Comments from the winners

The Rahn Innovation Zone showcase of Seboclear MP at in-cosmeticsOn winning Gold in the Best Functional Ingredient category, Dr Hans Henning Wenk, head of R&D Biobased Materials at Evonik, said: ‘We are absolutely amazed to win. We have put so much energy into the development of this ingredient for six years – I think it is a breakthrough. We are launching this new technology for the first time and so to get this recognition is fantastic – there will be more to come from Evonik!’

Gold Best Active Ingredient category winner Dr Fred Zulli, Head of Business Unit Biochemistry at Mibelle Biochemistry, said: ‘We are so happy and surprised to have won this award. It is so difficult to succeed in this competition when there are so many great ingredients around.’

Expert feedback

Belinda Carli, in-cosmetics Global’s technical advisor and awards judge, added: ‘This year’s entries were truly remarkable and the level of innovation in personal care ingredients continues to astound me every year.

‘in-cosmetics Global is a hotbed for creativity and many suppliers choose to launch their latest products at the event, which makes selecting the best of the best so much harder. The Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Awards reward excellence and I am excited to see some of the incredible formulations that will be created by manufacturers using these products over the coming months.’

For more information visit the show website:

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