Evonik tackles sensitive skin issues

Tammo Boinowitz, head of Evonik’s personal care business lineEvonik launched its new Tego Pep 4-Comfort cosmetics active ingredient at in-cosmetics Global in London.

This tetrapeptide selectively relieves typical symptoms of sensitive skin, visibly calming and revitalising the skin. Scientific studies, expert assessments, and user reports have verified the efficacy of Tego Pep 4-Comfort.

The tetrapeptide alleviates skin irritations, such as those typically from shaving. According to one study, redness and itching were reduced by 70 percent and burning by 56 percent. The active ingredient also counteracts overreactions triggered by repeated contact or external irritants such as heat.

Diversity in caring for sensitive skin

‘There are numerous mechanisms that can favour the development of sensitive skin, so we aimed for the broadest possible active profile when we developed Tego Pep 4-Comfort,’ says Tammo Boinowitz, the head of Evonik’s personal care business line. As a result, the tetrapeptide is suitable for an extremely wide variety of applications, such as aftershaves, creams and lotions, sunscreen products, after-sun products, and cosmetics products for daily care regimens, particularly for sensitive skin.

Tego Pep 4-Comfort is a ready-to-use solution in water and glycerine, and can be used in all common formulations.

Sensitive skin is a problem for over half of the world’s population. The mechanisms underlying hypersensitivity have not yet been clarified in detail. The number of people affected has risen steadily over the past several years. Thanks to the scientifically verified effect of Tego Pep 4-Comfort, brand owners and manufacturers can now develop products that help optimise care for sensitive skin and alleviate skin irritations.

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