Fragrances to look forward to

Fragrances-to-look-forward-toThe use and enjoyment of scents and aromas have been experienced for centuries, from the rituals of ancient cultures to the diversity of today’s lifestyles.

Fragrances continue to play a beneficial and purposeful role in giving quality to life – a tradition as old as mankind. Fragrances are key to building consumer confidence e.g. in the cleansing abilities of soap or multi-purpose cleaners, or the perceived skin improvement by using cosmetics. They enhance our enjoyment in using personal care and household care products and hence contribute to our cleanliness and general health. Fragrances are synonymous with their perceived quality and make clothes smell ‘clean’, cosmetics ‘pretty’ and households ‘well kept’.

A fragrance is a special signature allowing a product to stand out in the marketplace. With perfumers and flavourists operating worldwide, Bell Flavors & Fragrances, represented locally by Fourchem, is involved in the creation, application and evaluation of flavours, fragrances, botanical extracts and ingredient specialities.

Fragrances of the future

For the upcoming period Bell predicts the following trends in the personal care category.

Purity – less is more

The return to natural appearing, fresh and clear fragrances, e.g. white flower scents or fragrances in the direction of clean, clear, watery, sensitive, soft and gentle. Minimalistic style but maximum effect, using the colour white with all its different shades, which stands for purism.

Furniture, accessories, fashion and cars wherever you look, everything is shining in beautiful white.

The colour has long been considered as sterile or susceptible to dirt. Now, white gets new attention and conquers not only living rooms and gardens. Physically, white is the sum of all colours and does not have any negative connotations. The colour symbolises light, faith, the ideal, the good, the beginning, the new, cleanliness, innocence, modesty, truth, neutrality, prudence, science and accuracy. Minimalistic style but maximum effect as a new simple elegance conquers the world.

Fall in love with truffles 

This trend signifies gourmand notes with a touch of luxury, and consumers want products which convey this feeling. There is a definite trend in personal care to bring a luxurious touch to consumers.

For manufacturers, there are several possibilities to provide a Premium-Position to their product – e.g. with packaging, graphic and design, or functionality. In personal care lines, a Premium-Grading can be generated, with high-value, precious and functional ingredients and of course with luxurious fragrances.

The positive effect of this sweetness has long been used in the cosmetic industry: cocoa butter makes skin smooth, lets hair shine and the complexion glow; and the sensual enjoyment of chocolate ensures the distribution of happiness hormones that sweeten rainy afternoons. Going veggie – Nature 4 Beauty – Going green, but in a chic manner. Beauty and personal care is expected to see a sharp rise in the use of natural and organic products during the forecast period. Consumers are expected to become increasingly informed, which will lead to an increased demand for simple, natural and high quality organic products. Vegetables are one of the most widely available sources of energy on the planet.

Nature knows best, enticing us with a beautiful array of colourful, health-enhancing foods. The bright pigments in vegetables are an indication of their disease-fighting capabilities. They are rich in various nutrients and powerful antioxidants. These sources, when consumed appropriately can be of immense help in enhancing an individual’s beauty from inside as well as when applied externally. Combined with other ingredients, vegetables are extremely useful in making some of the best facial masks, skin creams, bath treatments and skin ointments

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