Get long luscious locks with Quick Grow

Quick Grow Advanced Amino ShampooDeveloped and produced in South Africa, Quick Grow is an advanced amino hair care product range. The products are scientifically formulated to supplement your body with a precise blend of amino acids, minerals and vitamins, which trains the body to produce keratin faster. The result is proven accelerated hair growth.

A 2018 P&C Review/Symrise New Product Competition entrant, Quick Grow is available exclusively from professional hair salons. The range includes an advanced amino shampoo and conditioner in two different pack sizes, a hair mask and nutritional supplements. These superior products are formulated with the finest ingredients.

Advanced amino shampoo

The creamy luxurious nourishing shampoo with delicious pink apple fragrance is formulated to feed the hair shaft and follicle with an advanced amino blend for faster growing hair. It also offers unsurpassed shine and improved overall condition.

The shampoo is sulphate-free, paraben-free and DEA-free. It is packed with essential vitamins and minerals that create a gentle but thorough cleanse, preparing 

Quick Grow_Advanced_Amino_Conditioner

the scalp to receive the optimum levels of amino acids and advanced nutrition whilst maintaining the perfect pH balance on the scalp.

Advanced amino conditioner

This thick creamy conditioner with its fresh pink apple scent is scientifically formulated to create the ideal balance on the scalp and hair strands for optimum conditioning.

Having the correct moisture and mineral balance on the scalp is vital to hair growth and its overall growth performance. The conditioner’s advanced amino blend creates the perfect overall condition on the scalp, to nourish and replenish essential minerals and vitamins, which might have been removed during shampooing.


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