Givaudan Active Beauty presents a clean and sustainable hair care solution

Givaudan Active Beauty presents Naturein Wheat Peptides, a clean and sustainable alternative to cationic guar, a key specific detangling ingredient for hair care. The new natural ingredient is obtained from 100 percent French origin locally-sourced wheat and crafted by green fractionation.

Naturein Wheat Peptides
Naturein Wheat Peptides from Givaudan Active Beauty is a natural detangling ingredient for hair care

Ecological and natural beauty are two of the biggest hair care market trends in the industry. Our Clean and Natural Study 2019 demonstrated that 91 percent of consumers are interested in the concept of clean beauty for hair care. In addition, they seek natural ingredients and products that are free from chemicals. According to the study, 80 percent* of them find that wheat protein fits well with the idea of clean beauty for their hair, and 78 percent* of them think the local wheat biomass is aligned with the concept. Our researchers have developed Naturein Wheat Peptides, abiding to these two fundamental pillars.

Environmental impact

As consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about environmental impact, the majority of them use natural brands exclusively, or associate them with mainstream brands. By being 100 percent natural and crafted in one of the most important French farming regions in a Biorefinery platform, Naturein Wheat Peptides answers all consumer requests looking for a clean product that is not only good for the consumer, but also for the environment. A perfect alternative to cationic guar, it acts as a conditioner to smooth and detangle the hair.

Amandine Scandolera, Ph. D, Head of Biological Evaluation says: ‘Cationic guar is the most used chemical ingredient in the hair care market. To prove the effectiveness of our natural asset, we opted for tests that put Naturein Wheat Peptides in competition with cationic guar. Results prove that it is more effective in record time. All clinical tests carried out on a hundred people demonstrate the excellence of Naturein Wheat Peptides.’

Clinical tests have been further enhanced by a hair care expert who evaluated the impact of Naturein Wheat Peptides on wet and dry hair. The results show that three percent of the wheat peptides extract significantly improved (+20 percent) the detangling on wet hair (versus +15 percent with 0.3 percent cationic guar). In addition, it significantly improves (+22 percent) the combing and smoothness of dry hair (versus five percent with 0.3 percent cationic guar). Two effective results have also been perceived by the panel during clinical tests. In fact, 80 percent think their hair does feel good (versus 40 percent placebo) and 70 percent think that their hair is easier to untangle (versus 45 percent placebo) after applying the active product.

The ultimate hair beauty enhancer

To inspire the beauty industry, Givaudan Natural Beauty’s formulation experts crafted MEU.Hair, a leave-in conditioning spray powered by Naturein Wheat Peptides and ResistHyal, the ultimate hair beauty enhancer. This tailor-made experience for natural hair care is mixed with Buruti and Moringa oils for repair and Saffron flower and Guarana extract to strengthen the hair.

*Givaudan Clean & Natural Study January-2019

The local agent for Givaudan is The Care Co.