GR8 Skincare’s face and earth friendly products

GR8 Skincare was founded by Dr Janine Ellenberger, a South African medical doctor with more than 15 years’ experience in skin care and cosmetics. She launched the brand for her own teenagers, to give them gentle yet effective skin care products that would address their acne and keep their skin healthy. Finding nothing on the market, she decided to create something new.

Alternative cleansing oil from GR8 Skincare

GR8 Skincare has evolved into a range suitable for everyone, regardless of their age or gender. The products are formulated with natural, recognisable ingredients such as Honeybush Tea, Willowbark extract, Zinc, vitamins and Honeysuckle.

According to GR8 Skincare, all the brand’s products are biodegradable and FDA approved. The packaging is mostly recyclable and uses post-consumer materials.

Alternative cleansing & proper protection

The Oil by GR8 Skincare acts as a pre-cleanser for oily and dehydrated skin. It also works great as a deep moisturiser for the face, body, hair, hands and feet and even the cuticles. Thanks to the hemp seed and argan oils in the formulation, the product nourishes while gently loosening build-up trapped within pores.

SPF30 sunscreen from GR8 Skincare

Screen is an SPF30 physical sun block loaded with anti-oxidants, including coffeeberry and aloe to prevent sun damage and protect against free radicals. GR8 Skincare opted for mineral UV filters like non-nano zinc and titanium dioxide to protect skin from the sun, while protecting aquatic life from toxic chemicals. The refreshing matcha green tea extract adds a delicious scent to this product.

GR8 Skincare has entered both the Oil and Screen products as individual entries in the 2019 P&C Review/Symrise New Product Competition.