Health shops unite

HSASAThe constitution has been finalised, code of practice adopted, executive committee elected and inaugural meetings completed. The Health Shops Association of South Africa (HSASA) is now an official body prepared to address all issues relating to health shops countrywide.

‘The constitution and code of practice are very important documents for the HSASA in that they formalise the association and make it a legal entity,’ explains Deirdre Allen, who manages HSASA. ‘The constitution can only be changed by a majority vote at a special general or annual general meeting, while the Code of practice can be changed at any time, subject to a majority vote accepting the changes.’

The inaugural meetings were held in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban, and 56 members have signed up to the association so far. ‘It is extremely important that the health shop industry has its own united mouthpiece,’ stresses Allen, ‘particularly if and when this industry is required to communicate with government or any other large administrative body.’

HSASA urges fellow health shop owners to join the association, in order to strengthen it to be in a position to deal with threats that may arise. Solgar and Good Health Products are encouraging health shops to join and it is hoped that all HSASA members will do the same.

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