I Holland is committed to the fight against COVID-19

I Holland has reassured customers that as a key supplier to the worldwide pharmaceutical industry it is 100 percent committed to doing everything within its power to support the fight against COVID-19.

The company is very grateful to its colleagues in the global pharmaceutical industry for the work they are doing to support the treatment of this pandemic. I Holland is facing this challenge in the following ways:

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I Holland is currently operating as normal with regular lead times and its capacity has not been affected

Business as usual

• It is currently operating as normal with regular lead times and its capacity has not been affected. It will do everything within it power to maintain and even increase this capacity to meet your requirements.

• The company has already taken steps to protect its workforce, changing working practices in order to maintain continuity of service.

• It is in regular contact with its key suppliers. It holds considerable stocks of raw material used for manufacturing tablet tooling and these are secured for many months to come.

• It is aware that passenger flights are being cancelled and restricted worldwide but freight continues, and it is currently shipping normally across the globe.

• The company maintains its Known Consignor status, so it is able to fast track its goods through airport security allowing for 24/48 hour delivery.

• If you are working on existing medication used to treat COVID-19 it will do whatever it takes in order to deliver the tools you need.

• If you are working on projects to combat COVID-19 it is ready to help in any way possible. As a business, it has a collective knowledge of tablet manufacturing that runs to hundreds of years. The company wants to make this available to you.

I Holland has a customer support network stretching across the world. It stands ready to assist you and for your convenience.

• Its technical agents are available 24 hours a day across a wide variety of communication options: telephone, Email, Microsoft Teams, Skype, GoToMeeting, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, WeChat…

• It is aware that many of your people will be absent or working remotely and that you may need to cross train staff and educate new staff to meet production demands. It has developed our online training system to cover these requirements and it would like to make this available to you free of charge.