Elements of elegance in beauty packaging

Luxury packaging for fragrances entices consumer interestDefining luxury packaging across a variety of FMCG markets, a white paper published by Smithers Pira takes readers through the key areas in this segment of the packaging sector.

According to the research authority, attaining the classification was not a straightforward matter, which is why Smithers Pira canvassed opinions from key players in the sector, including brand owners, raw material suppliers and pack converters to produce this definitive piece of research. 

Influential markets

Entitled What is Luxury Packaging? and authored by international packaging expert, Dominic Cakebread, the white paper examines the trends and technology developments shaping this market. Case studies are included for key application markets, including cosmetics and fragrances, premium alcoholic drinks, tobacco, and confectionery.

Cosmetics and fragrances

According to Cakebread, ‘cosmetics and fragrances are among the largest luxury packaging sectors, and demand is set to grow over the next five years, driven by the recovery in fragrance markets as well as strong growth in emerging markets’.

Packaging mediums

He also explores the various packaging mediums like glass and paperboard, the rise of wood, and value-adding elements like elaborate closures. The importance of functionality in this market is further revealed. ‘It is desirable to consumers to hear a “click” sound when the cap or compact case is closed for peace of mind, therefore this functionality is integrated into luxury cosmetics packaging,’ Cakebread details in the white paper. 

A must read 

To find out more about interesting innovations in luxury packaging, and to read the case studies on luxury packaging used for Elizabeth Arden, Lancôme and Clarins products, visit the Smithers Pira website, and complete the brief online application (see bottom right of screen) to receive your copy of the  white paper. 

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