Marsing & Co SA provides a clearer packaging perspective

Marsing & Co SA is one of the flag bearers of the global glass industry and supports the green culture in manufacturing practicesGlass is a popular packaging medium, which offers complete product protection. Marsing & Co SA (Marsing) is a manufacturer’s representative, importer and distributor of pharmaceutical ingredients and packaging solutions. Michael Spencer, new project development manager at Marsing says the company’s popular supplies are dropper bottles, round bottles and jars. ‘These clear and amber items are provided in various sizes and used mainly for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.’

The amber glass dropper bottles are an optimum solution for pure aromatherapy oils and medications. ‘These bottles are both strong and durable. The dark amber pigment helps block out UV light and prolong the lifespan of the bottle’s contents. They have an 18mm neck that is ideal for standard size caps,’ he comments.

The larger 100 and 150mℓ MCA2 neck round bottles are suitable for storing and dispensing medications, vitamins and essential oils.

International support base

Zippe is one of the company’s international principals based in Germany, where it produces glass in a preparation plant that uses ultra-modern automated equipment. This accurately weighs and mixes raw materials using password-protected process securities. Its raw materials suppliers are also verified for quality purposes.

Another principal of Marsing’s, Horn Glass, also situated in Germany, designs and supplies complete glass melting technologies such as furnaces. The facility produces a capacity of 120 metric tonnes of glass per day.

Marsing is one of the flag bearers of the global glass industry and supports the green culture in manufacturing practices.

‘We are proud to have an international principal that operates an emission-free glass production facility even when the basic process is initiated with a furnace,’ says Spencer.

The company, ISO certified for environment protection (ISO 14001:2004) is committed to sustainability and applies a holistic approach that maximises recycled content.

‘Our approach further optimises furnace energy and gradually integrates green energy sources to reduce the company’s environmental impact.

At its Randburg facility, quality assurance involves rigorous inspections from raw materials to process controls. These inspections are focused on minimising all faults. Products are released after independent quality assurance sampling and inspection have been carried out as per military standards 105E.

Additional quality management system certifications implemented and maintained are:

The company’s objectives are to stay current with market developments and trends, and to provide on time deliveries. It maintains long-term relationships with its customers and suppliers and is especially focused on customers’ priorities.

‘Our mission is to create a business platform where we can implement our sound ideology, which maximises the interests of all stakeholders, including shareholders, customers and the community at large,’ he concludes. 

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