SA’s PVC products are free from toxic pigments

SAVA confirms no lead and chrome in locally manufactured PVC productsThe Southern African Vinyls Association (SAVA) recently confirmed all lead and chrome pigments have been eliminated from locally manufactured PVC products. This comes in the wake of the Department of Environmental Affairs plan to ban the import of all lead.

SAVA believes raw material suppliers, product manufacturers, product distributors and consumers are joint stewards for the responsible and sustainable production, use and disposal of PVC products.

‘By signing our PSC, members voluntarily commit themselves to ensuring all heavy metal additives are removed from their workplace environments. Members also commit to reaching the highest possible product quality standards and environmentally friendly production processes and materials. They are bound to an open disclosure commitment and are required to supply general data related to a specific commitment to an independent auditor,’ the association reports.

PVC is used in medical devices, which helps withstand various sterilisation methods. This makes it the product of choice for blood bags, intravenous tubing, masks, surgical gloves, and many other similar healthcare applications.

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