New survey from PRC and Nielsen to provide data on 5 000 brands

Nielsen-surveyNielsen will release consumer panel data this month fused with 2017 PAMS data. This is an enhanced survey that will provide industry with rich information on 200 consumer goods categories and more than 5 000 brands.

The study is funded by the Publisher Research Council (PRC) and provides manufacturers, media agencies and publishers with real consumption behaviour, based on over 17 000 PAMS respondent interviews and 4 000 CPS households visited every two to four weeks throughout the year.

Nielsen Watch MD, Terry Murphy says: ‘PAMS is the core hub of the study, which we will overlay with top line CPS data that stems from 20 years of robust, credible and trusted measurement providing verified consumption. This will create a full picture of readership, lifestyle and shopping behaviours amongst South African consumers together with their product consumption, based on two independent data sources.’

Actual scanned data is collected in households at least once a month, resulting in a total of 48 000 household visits a year and the measurement of 200 000 shopping occasions. It will also provide penetration of categories including personal and home care and food and beverages, as well as usage, in terms of frequency and volumes. A new metric will be the breakdown of heavy, medium, light and non-buyers across the country and for existing demographic profiles including LSMs and SEMs.

PRC head, Peter Langschmidt adds, ‘The newly fused PRC PAMS and Nielsen CPS data is an exciting innovation in South Africa’s consumer and media landscape. It will be available on all industry media planning software platforms in early August.’

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