Industry focus

The dynamics of effective aerosol delivery

effective aerosol_deliveryIn a white paper entitled ‘Using laser diffraction particle size data to optimise the performance of sprays’, experts argue that measuring the spray droplet size of aerosols is vital in optimising products using this delivery method.

Processing the perfect powder blend

Processing the_perfect_powder_blendFormulating and manufacturing cosmetic compacts to deliver market-leading performance characteristics requires a high degree of powder processing expertise. A white paper by powder characterisation company Freeman Technology considers the measurement of some of the most appropriate properties of both the formulation and the finished product. 

Quality first, then diversity

eMold tube_packagingEstablishing eMold was always the long-time dream of its managing member, Edgar Matias and his father, Jose. The company was launched in 1995 and still continues to go from strength to strength.

The eco-friendly future of ingredient production

Novel proprietary_ingredients_from_plant_cell_culture_technology_DianaPlantSciencesWith a white paper entitled The next new ingredient can be yours: Novel, proprietary ingredients from plant cell culture technology, DianaPlantSciences aims to educate manufacturers about its technological innovations and the advantages of producing plant-derived ingredients.

Leveraging the power of BRIC and beyond

The white paper ‘Reaching the emerging middle classes beyond BRIC’ outlines opportunities to expand in emerging economies beyond BRIC countries.As PHARMACEUTICAL & COSMETIC review focuses on developing opportunities on the African continent in its May print edition, it is also worth exploring the prospects that not only major emerging world economies hold, but also those that other lesser-known developing markets contain.

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