National sales manager position vacant at Millchem

Position: National sales manager

Reports to: Sales director

Type: Full time

Industries: Cosmetic/toiletries and detergency division


Key accountabilities:

    1. Reaching sales and profit contribution performance objectives for the division:
    1. Identifying new potential customers in the Gauteng area and assisting nationally to develop new customer opportunities elsewhere. 
    2. Training and motivating our regional sales team to ensure that they have an adequate understanding of new and existing products to effectively secure business leads.
    3. Analysing district opportunities and developing action plans. The plans should evaluate:
      1. Market opportunities
      2. Representative potential
      3. Customer potential

d. Monitoring the CRM for internal tracking of individual sales performance.
e. Giving feedback to our overseas principals regarding opportunities that have been identified. 
f. Handle sample requests from customers, process the request from the principal, deliver and follow up.

  2. Implementing the area’s strategies to achieve the sales and/or profit objectives.
  3. Implementing business plans and key objectives to achieve financial returns including:

    1. Sales
    2. Total customer service
    3. Order count/Local stock holding

  4. Effectively managing the regional sales teams, and therefore ensuring that all customers are serviced                         appropriately through the:


    1. Training and development of sales teams to achieve maximum sales growth.
    2. Acting as a role model supporting the sales personnel.
    3. Ensuring that existing resources (human and financial) are managed appropriately to optimise performance within the regions.
    4. Plan for a minimum of one visit per quarter to each of the regions (Durban and Cape Town) to visit existing customers as well as help sales teams with joint visit training and establishment of new customers.
    5. Will be required to travel internationally to attend trade shows and principal visits for training and relationship development.
    6. Planning for achievement of the area’s objectives as expressed in the Key Performance Indicators
    7. Sales growth
    8. Margin-driven orders growth

    5. Conributing to the division’s sales and/or profit growth through:


    1. Achievement of annual sales and profit plan goals.
    2. Achievement of quarterly objectives.
    3. Seeking and exploiting marketing opportunities.
    4. Maintenance of the regional sales teams
    5. Effectively planning through monitoring sales figures and obtaining customer forecast information and purchase trends; ensuring accurate local stock holdings.
    6. Maintaining accurate records of sales team performance.
    7. Updating and maintaining accurate records.

    6. Contributing to the company’s success by developing a competitive awareness within the regions and reporting            competitive activity between the regions where appropriate.

Skills and experience:




Interested parties should send their CVs to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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