Speak to the senses with silicones from Dow Corning

African lady smelling white flowerConsumer demand has evolved over the years in the personal care industry. Nowadays consumers seek a fine balance between superior performance, visual impact and unique aesthetics with sensory effects playing a key role.

Sensory parameters have become increasingly important factors for product differentiation, and successful products stand out from their competition by looking, feeling and smelling unique. Silicones, such as those from Dow Corning – which are available in South Africa from ChemSystems, help formulators create noticeably different sensory effects in product texture and appearance. They can also be used to modify any formulation rheology. These topics form the basis of an interesting discussion in a white paper from Dow Corning entitled Beyond Skin Feel: Innovative Methods for Developing Complex Sensory Profiles with Silicones.

A route to sensory success

Isabelle Van Reeth, Bénédicte Courel and Suzanne Van Doorn, who are researchers from Dow Corning Europe, reveal how silicones can enhance the delivery of actives and fragrance while improving formulation stability. ‘They can also be used to develop multiple types of skin feel profiles. By acting in these multifunctional roles, silicones enhance the well-being of consumers in a number of ways,’ the researchers say. 

Tantalising textures and product performance

Approaches employed by Dow Corning are reviewed in this white paper, which, when combined with sensory evaluation and formulation expertise, can be used to develop a more complete sensory experience. They are also well suited to responding to consumer trends or meeting specific regional preferences.

The white paper also describes how silicones can be used to obtain new product appearances and textures, skin appearance, and feel, based on the wide range of rheological behaviour and product forms among these materials.

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