Symrise launches SymOcide C

An exterior view of Symrise’s headquarters in Germany where the new preservative, SymOcide C, was developed and produced The launch of SymOcide C provides manufacturers of cosmetics with an effective and safe alternative to preserve their products. SymOcide C (INCI: o-Cymen-5- ol (p-thymol)) is an effective alternative to traditional preservatives. It is odourless and globally approved for use in personal care.

Preservatives help to protect personal care products against microbial spoilage, and therefore ensure consumer safety. Regardless of the fact that preservatives are an integral part of cosmetics formulations, current trends call for the replacement of some conventional preservatives for various reasons, such as negative press, consumer perception and regulatory changes.

Growing industry need for alternatives

Due to these trends, the variety of preservatives available for the cosmetics industry is on the decline, thereby creating a need for effective, safe and approved alternatives. SymOcide C meets these requirements.

‘Symrise is a leading supplier of modern solutions for product protection. We have discovered that SymOcide C, when used properly, can preserve many cosmetics products effectively. Particularly in combination with organic acids or other multifunctional ingredients, SymOcide C shows broad spectrum protection,’ says Dr Florian Genrich, global product manager at Symrise.

Globally approved ingredient

SymOcide C is globally approved for use in cosmetics including a positive listing in Europe and Japan as a cosmetics preservative. Its antimicrobial properties are particularly beneficial in oral care applications, such as toothpaste.

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