A multi-talented all-in-one solution from Worlée

An image of four bottles with coloured wax beads suspended in transparent formulationsThe family owned speciality chemicals company from Hamburg, Worlée, has been operating its own new R&D laboratory in Billbrook since autumn 2016. The investment is already demonstrating visible returns with the expansion of the WorléeAqua Thix line.

WorléeAqua Thix 200, a rheology modifier and thickener for formulations with a low pH, will be presented at in-cosmetics in London for the first time. While the WorléeAqua Thix 100 and 150 variations are suitable for the thickening, suspension and stabilisation of clear formulations with pH values less than six, the new 200 offering is an aqueous acrylic dispersion for products with low and high surfactant contents as well as electrolytes.

A textural masterpiece

WorléeAqua Thix 200 makes it possible to produce clear, transparent formulations with yield strengths at pH level six and below. Formulators can create sophisticated products with different textures ranging from clear formulations with suspended particles to pearlescent systems and shower creams that are rich in oil. It is suitable for use in cleansing creams, liquid soaps or shower creams with high oil content.

Differing magnitudes of yield strength or thixotropy may be developed by using the products of the entire WorléeAqua Thix line according to their respective formulations. They  enable the maintenance of pigments, peeling particles and other insoluble materials in stable suspensions without sedimentation. This makes the WorléeAqua Thix line an ideal supplement for the production of formulations with WorléeBeads (wax exfoliation particles), WorléeSoft Beads (active ingredient carriers) or water-based WorléeBase pigment pastes.

Innovation on show

From 4 to 6 April, Worlée is presenting the WorléeAqua Thix 200 product innovation at in-cosmetics Global, one of the world’s leading exhibitions for body care products and decorative cosmetics. The company will also showcase developments in the product families WorléeAqua Nail, WorléeSoft Beads and Worlée Micromer C80/50. Classic Worlée products will also be up for discussion at the company’s stand FF70.

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