ResistHyal debuts at in-cosmetics

A woman with beautiful silky long golden hairGivaudan Active Beauty is launching the ultimate seven-in-one hair beauty enhancer, ResistHyal at in-cosmetics Global.

Hair is not only a unique personal characteristic, but also impacts how others view our health and more specifically our beauty. Shiny hair with a smooth texture is generally perceived to be appealing. Achieving this requires special attention due to hair’s composition and differing nature.

ResistHyal is Givaudan Active Beauty’s new patented bio-active ingredient acting on keratin infrastructure. The company says it will revolutionise the hair care market and it meets consumers’ expectations for multifunctional products.

By analysing growing consumer categories, such as millennials, Active Beauty’s research team crafted ResistHyal to offer a powerful multifunctional and cost-effective solution to address the needs of dull, coarse hair.  

Seven unique properties

ResistHyal addresses the following aspects crucial to activating hair’s beauty:

  1. Hydration, acting as a molecular moisture buffer hydrating hair up to 189 times.
  2. Keeping natural volume through a sheathing effect by up to >48 percent, resulting in a thicker cuticle.
  3. Anti-frizz, providing beta keratin structure protection, resulting in a smoothing effect of more than 25 percent in 80 percent humidity.
  4. Resistance, tightening the cells of the hair cuticle, resulting in a 65 percent decrease of damaged hair follicles.
  5. Pollution protection by shielding hair from the adhesion of pollution particles. A 50 percent reduction in adhesion was documented.
  6. Enhanced shine, by flattening the cuticles for better reflection, resulting in 46 percent more glossiness.
  7. Softness, through the overall improvement of hair’s texture by up to 61 percent.

All seven properties were proven ex vivo in clinical testing.

Hyaluronic acid in hair care

Amandine Scandolera, Active Beauty’s cell and molecular biology manager, comments: ‘ResistHyal is the result of an enriching collaborative work combining the mastery of a complex formula and the challenge of applying hyaluronic acid (HA) to hair care. Thanks to Active Beauty’s expertise in HA, ResistHyal is an open platform to let brands create new innovative end-products and rituals for hair care. Knowing that 96 percent of consumers want to continue to use the product after the clinical tests, I would say that is the best reward we could expect.’

ResistHyal has been designed on the basis of HA water buffering properties. It contains an optimised ratio of low and high molecular weight HAs, which create a specific local molecular moisturising film around the hair fibre.

The ingredient is China compliant, safe, non-irritating, non-allergenic, and easy to formulate in all hair care formulas. ResistHyal will enable cosmetics brands to differentiate themselves on the market by bringing performance, combined with natural and multifunctional claims to the consumer.

To find out more about ResistHyal, visit Givaudan Active Beauty at Stand FF10, at in-cosmetics Global in London, UK. The company is represented in South Africa by The Care Co.

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