Celebrating 30 years of innovation at in-cosmetics

The Nordic Beauty ingredients showcased in various applications The Innovation Company, represented in South Africa by Fourchem, showcased a variety of products and solutions at in-cosmetics Global to commemorate its 30th anniversary.

As a major source of innovation for brand owners and manufacturers in the global cosmetics industry, The Innovation Company’s scientific expertise and know-how in raw materials, product concepts, in-house testing and formulation are evolutionary.

Experiential skin care

Based on its novel Fiflow BB61 ingredient, The Innovation Company’s bubbling masks are available in a number of variations with different properties. Fiflow BB61 is a combination of fully fluorinated perfluorocarbons, which have the capacity to carry oxygen to the skin.

It also introduced a range of micellar waters formulated with Nordic Beauty peat, Birch water and Lingonberry extract. These leave on skin care products provide targeted solutions for different skin types and concerns.

For its anti-pollution campaign, The Innovation Company has produced a ‘pollution scavenger’. Fiflow AQI is a completely inert liquid with the capacity to mop up gas pollutants on skin’s surface. To illustrate its use at the show, the company formulated the active ingredient in an anti-pollution mask, skin cream and a next generation foundation.

Nordic Beauty

This is The Innovation Company’s newest range of natural ingredients sourced from the forests and fields of Finland. Inspired by the traditional use of natural resources within the region, the ingredients are carefully selected and harvested using sustainable practices.

The star of Nordic Beauty product range is peat – a highly active biomass that is rich in humic and fulvic acids. It is an ideal material for face masks and body treatments, while peat extract can be used in various skin care applications. 

Other ingredients in the range include pine bark, Birch sap and leaf extract, and various berry extracts.

To showcase some of these ingredients in finished products, The Innovation Company produced a range of handmade bar soaps, which are perfect for the South African market.

Sun protection solutions

A range of face masks produced by The Innovation CompanyThe Innovation Company offers a selection of excellent products for UV protection. Its Creasperse UV dispersions are pre-dispersed physical filters based on titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. The Eospoly UV composites are based on ultrafine titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which are encapsulated in silica spheres.

It also offers BNpoly UV, which adheres well to the skin for a specific ceramic effect, while the Micapoly UV is based on muscovite mica, making it ideal for powder formulations.

To showcase its innovative ability in sunscreens, the company produced two lipsticks formulated with a UV filter bringing the benefit of sun protection to lip care products. This application is also possible in a clear gloss format for men, and in coloured lip gloss for children.

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