Optiphi innovates with time controlled diffusion technology

Optiphi’s Formula Plus sticker on product packaging indicates the retinol-based products that have been updated with the new retinol innovationOptiphi is striving to remain at the forefront of skin care technology. The local professional skin care brand has developed a revolutionary active ingredient innovation that is driven by its R&D team.

The new time controlled diffusion technology has been designed to improve and prolong the quality of carefully selected active ingredients used in Optiphi’s skin care formulations.

Innovating with retinol

Retinol is the first ingredient to be incorporated into this technology where it is protected within a highly cross-linked polymeric sphere with a continuous porous network. This innovative protective sphere safeguards the retinol, which is further protected by the airless and lightless packaging used by the brand.

The porous network of the sphere allows the retinol to be continuously delivered onto the skin where it is transported to the deeper dermis layer by means of diffusion, targeting the skin structures responsible for the visible signs of ageing.

Essential to beautiful skin

According to Optiphi, time controlled diffusion retinol has been proven to have the following benefits:

Formula Plus sticker

The new time controlled diffusion technology will be included in all Optiphi’s retinol-containing products. Consumers will be able to identify this with the Formula Plus sticker on the packaging.

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