Symrise celebrates Hydrolite 5’s 25th anniversary

The Hydrolite 525th anniversary logo developed by Symrise  Hydrolite 5 is pentylene glycol, a 1,2-alkanediol that revolutionised the market of cosmetic ingredients. It was launched in 1992 and Symrise is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the ingredient at in-cosmetics Global.

Hydrolite 5 hydrates skin and boosts the performance of active ingredients. Following the motto ‘less is more’, it enhances modern recipes. Its multifunctional properties also benefit the solubilising and emulsifying characteristics of cosmetics ingredients with minimal effort. Combined with antimicrobial agents, it supports modern product protection.

Suitable for all skin types

Dr Gerhard Schmaus, vice president global innovation in Symrise’s cosmetic ingredients division, explains: ‘We are proud to have brought such a versatile and effective ingredient to the market so early. This success drives us to keep working on modern variations and applications of Hydrolite 5 for our customers and consumers.’

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of this multifunctional ingredient, Symrise’s application technologists developed original and trendy formulations in an internal contest. The winner of the contest was the Illuminating Snow Mask.

With a texture as soft as snow, the mask refreshes, moisturises and protects the face within a few minutes – creating relaxing, comforting moments. ‘We are proud to showcase this and other winning recipes to our customers at in-cosmetics Global, booth B70,’ says Yohanna Sander, senior product manager at Symrise.

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