Seppic inspires with sustainable solutions for hair care

Seppic prioritises sustainability in hair care with a new, green and biodegradable serumOn 18 April, Seppic will introduce an inspiring formulation at in-cosmetics Global during its technical seminar entitled Sustainability in Hair Care, a real Trend.

The hair care market is becoming more and more demanding. Consumers expect specific products with an immediate perceived benefit and they have growing environmental concerns. The hair care industry is facing challenges to combine sensorial benefits, performance and sustainability into formulations.

Daily Beautifying Hair Serum

Providing a source of inspiration to customers has always been important to Seppic, which is represented in South Africa by CJP Chemicals. Because sustainability should not compromise product performance and sensorial benefits, Seppic has developed a Daily Beautifying Hair Serum. Its texture is based on an association of the complementary ingredients:

  1. Emogreem L15 – a biodegradable, renewable and non-polar oil that is a real alternative to silicone oils in hair care, and brings shine and eases combing
  2. Fluidifeel Easy – a glycolipidic o/w sustainable emulsifier made from 100 percent vegetable origin, Mass Balance certified (BVC-RSPO-1-1972708497), and processable at room temperature to save time and energy
  3. Sepimax Zen – used in small quantities, it texturises and stabilises formulations while increasing spray-ability performance.

Good for hair, great for sustainability

Xylishine adds hydrating properties to the product. This botanical inspired active ingredient is made of an association of natural sugars derived mainly from wood and brown algae, Pelvetia canaliculata.

This minimalistic formula is largely natural (99.6 percent of the content – ISO 16128) and has good biodegradability with 97.3 percent water or readily biodegradable ingredients, excluding the preservative and perfume. It is also produced at room temperature and is easy to apply in a spray format.

It sensory benefits on dry hair have been compared to a market leading silicone hair serum. During the study, volunteers preferred Seppic’s Daily Beautifying Hair Serum because it is residue free, for its shine benefit, weightlessness on the hair and non-oily feel – 90 percent of the volunteers said they would use this product.

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