Celebrating 30 years of innovation at in-cosmetics

The Nordic Beauty ingredients showcased in various applications The Innovation Company, represented in South Africa by Fourchem, showcased a variety of products and solutions at in-cosmetics Global to commemorate its 30th anniversary.

Symrise showcases science and innovation

An image of two beautiful African women with healthy hair highlighting the benefits of Symrise’s KeraSym Restore active ingredientSymrise is presenting an innovative product range at in-cosmetics Global, in London, UK. There is a strong focus on solutions that offer effective protection from environmental pollutants and also skin brightening properties. With SymBright, Symrise has developed an ingredient that perfectly serves this demand.

ResistHyal debuts at in-cosmetics

A woman with beautiful silky long golden hairGivaudan Active Beauty is launching the ultimate seven-in-one hair beauty enhancer, ResistHyal at in-cosmetics Global.

Introducing mood paint by Seppic

A visual a beautiful woman surrounded by bright pink roses Seppic’s five beauty care laboratories have designed 11 new emotive formulas, inspired by cosmetic trends and various art movements.

A multi-talented all-in-one solution from Worlée

An image of four bottles with coloured wax beads suspended in transparent formulationsThe family owned speciality chemicals company from Hamburg, Worlée, has been operating its own new R&D laboratory in Billbrook since autumn 2016. The investment is already demonstrating visible returns with the expansion of the WorléeAqua Thix line.

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