New concepts possible with esters

By using just two per cent of one high HLB sucrose ester, it’s possible to produce a gel-to-milk concept containing 60 per cent of oil.Imagine a natural oil gel that can turn into milk when diluted upon use. Christel Wouters, business manager of personal care at Sisterna, believes such a concept is possible through the use of the company’s sucrose esters.

Rising above with strong R&D

Sabinsa South Africa stands out as a company which supports local pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturing industries with robust research, and development services and technical support to formulators.Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review recently asked ingredient suppliers and manufacturers operating in South Africa how they’re contributing to the growth and development of the local pharmaceutical and personal care industries.

Dow Corning brings multifunctional benefits to shampoos


Dow-CorningWithout sacrificing hair volume, Dow Corning has introduced an innovative silicone micro-emulsion at in-cosmetics 2014 which helps bring hair repair and colour protection benefits to shampoos.

Harnessing the longevity of olive trees


Cobiolive 20 is a natural liquid olive extractAn iconic symbol of Mediterranean culture, the olive tree can live for thousands of years, with some of the oldest recorded trees living up to 3 000 years. This is mainly due to the tree’s content of potent antioxidant compounds.

BASF awarded GMP certification for 11 sites


BASF - Anne Cao and Candy YuanCelebrating the series of certifications at in-cosmetics 2014, BASF announced it has been awarded Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification for cosmetic ingredients, in line with regulations enforced by the European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients (EFfCI).

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