Multifunctional benefits

akulu-logoWinter has come and gone, leaving many consumers with skin that appears pale, dull and dry. According to Jackie Dapo-Chukwuka from Akulu Marchon, a mistake that many consumers make is not using sun protection products during winter.

A personalised approach

Plukenetia volubilis_commonly_known_as_Sacha_Inchi_from_which_Inca_Omega_Oil_is_derivedFor more than 40 years, the Spanish company Cobiosa, has been specialising in the development and supply of natural ceramides, marine origin actives and botanical extracts from the Andean region. Cobiosa is represented in South Africa by Botanichem, which recently hosted its principal in South Africa to foster a greater awareness of the exciting raw materials and ingredients it offers.

Under the spotlight

Small yet_influential_groups_are_shaping_the_beauty_agenda_worldwideSmall yet influential groups are shaping the beauty agenda worldwide, while ingredients and formulations are scrutinised more than ever before, and product customisation is becoming an issue. These are three key trends pointed out by Diagonal Reports in its October 2013 Beauty Market and Buyer 2020 report.

Preservation alternatives

Clariant logoNipaguard Zero blends from Clariant South Africa are reliable and effective paraben-alternative solutions developed from the multinational’s years of experience in preservation, and supported by extensive testing. Four different, safe and highly efficient blends have been developed to meet the latest global cosmetic preservation market needs. They include the Ecocert approved Nipaguard SCE; Nipaguard SCM; Nipaguard SCP; and Nipaguard SCV, which is ideal for preservation of wet wipes and highly aqueous systems.

New frontier in suncream protection

sunscreenResearchers in the department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology at University of Bath have created an innovative ingredient which when applied in a suncream can act as a UVA filter and provide fuller protection against skin damage.

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